Watchs SALE All about watches 🔴 MotoGP MECHANIC of Valentino Rossi

🔴 MotoGP MECHANIC of Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi MotoGP race bike mechanic tells you how to be one of them…

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46 thoughts on “🔴 MotoGP MECHANIC of Valentino Rossi”

  1. who supports Valentino Rossi where is the sound 🤘😘 Like and comments that aren't fans don't comment !!

  2. snedgers says:

    The team is dated, so is Rossi. Ducati shouldn’t be beating them up. Somethings got to change

  3. Shobha Mohan says:

    Yes Yamaha 😎😍😍

  4. Ayoo bangkit valentino ciayoooooo
    Go go gooooo you is the best

  5. Pedro says:

    team of mechanics of V.R. It's time for Rossi to be a champion for the 10th time, but for that you have to improve your bike better. fans and fans of V.R so desire. make an effort there and increase the capacity and speed of the motorcycle. Yamaha is my favorite. I also want to see Rossi epal champion 10 times.

  6. Thanks to YAMAHA from Japan they built rossi`s bike

  7. Valentino Rossi good like and biar maju lgi semangat 46

  8. Andri Nuñez says:

    I love Valentino Rossi The best 👍👍👍👍👍

  9. /// /// 93. Is the best!!!

  10. gren tea says:

    video bokep arab hijab

  11. One degree more and you don't have a knee

  12. moto pAbz says:

    Mark Wahlberg is it you?

  13. shonz88 says:

    Days of Thunder Cole Trickle's number and color 46………

  14. Honda can smoke Yamaha in stretch race …….mm93 the latest beast

  15. ROHIT RAJ says:

    My all time favorite Valentino Rossi

  16. Vale qui lo dico e qui lo nego quest’anno vinci il 10 mondiale sono sicuro al cento x cento fine stagione chiamami 👍👍👍👍

  17. I am not a mechanic by profession. But, I know how they feel until he finishes…

  18. ALA says:

    So these are the guys Flossi ignores when it starts to rain.
    Mechanics "Come in VR for tyre swap, everybody is pitting."
    VR " Fuk no, I am leading the race for once, also I can walk on water."

  19. Nenad Ratic says:

    just to spend time with one of the best drivers ever is avesome. Doctor is the best ( ever with Giacomo Agostini ) on two wheels and mabe the baby ( Marques) can break the record , will see in the future . But the Doctor is talented to drive anything , look how he drive WRC cars , F1 or anything on two or four wheels. Remember , a few years ago VR46 did practicing with Ferari F1 car in Spain in the winter time and after only one week he did have lap time almost like 70% of F1 pilots . Only a few the best drivers like Schumaher or the Top guys had about second or two faster , and the lower guys they been slower than VR . Whan F1 guys try to do the same with MotoGP bykes , thay been about 25-30 seconds behind Doctore , just Schumaher and a couple of guys been slower a litle less . VR46 did some test with WRC cars ( with Robert Kubica ) and VR was a just a bit slower almost identical. Only king of the kings can compete at any field , and that is VR46 . Nobody alse . The young kid Marques has a chance to break doctors record with 9 titles , but the young kid can not be that good with cars , and else . Doctor is realy unik person on this planet . And about ten years ago I did have a litle video of 5-6 minutes whan Doctor racing with Honda S2000 ( stock car with only racing tires , the soft one ) at some Italian race track , against Ferari F430 and in Ferari was Aleksandro Nanini , also ex-profesinal racer . Ferari can not get away from Rossi in Honda S2000 ( only 240 HP against about double in Ferari V8) . This mean something . Also Doctors first two titles are from Honda . Than some jelous people sad OK this is because of Honda's performance . Doctor did not have choice than to change Taem ( join Yamaha ) and get GP title again to prove that this is not because of Honda . Doctor is doctor , no comments .

  20. Jorge Lorenzo asuuuuu 🐷🐽

  21. Some insight from a GP mechanic. 1/ when crewing for Mick Doohan he was asked by an Italian mechanic "why don't you get excited and show it when Mick win?" His answer "what I feel when Mick finishes a race is relief, I've given Mick the perfect engine". 2/ If during practice things were going badly and Mick was upset, when Mick pitted he would parked the bike and walk away without saying a word and go to his motorhome for 20 minutes (Mick wouldn't talk when angry or have tranties). The crew didn't need to be told that the set up was way off and they would start the re-think before Mick returned.

  22. Coconutscott says:

    That bike is giving me a semi….

  23. Oh shit, Rossi's mechanic is Mark Wahlberg's cousin!

  24. Sarunas M says:

    The mechanic looks like Mark Wahlberg

  25. dengarkan dan rasakan lagu ini
    kalian akan merinding dan mengerti arti cinta sejati
    jangan lupa like dan komen videonya
    share ke semua orang agar sadar arti cinta

  26. VR-46 | we are waiting for you to make 10th world championship happen plz make it happen this time be good at qualifying score more pole positions and bring the title home .
    bit disappointed with your mechanics all the years gone by your bike never had slipstream which cost number of race wins plz work on that.

  27. Mechanic my ass. These people are highly trained Engineers. I know. I was one of them…

  28. Nikhil S says:

    omg !! the beauty of the beast in blue 😍 what a bike ! those curves those big wheel's & comfy seat with superb tyers & that glossy body omg i love it

  29. Dude Habibie says:

    mofistarrrr i love you

  30. Ag Tisi says:

    movistar…gud luck

  31. Ankit Bhatt says:

    am I the only one who thinks Alex briggs sounds like royal Jordanian?

  32. best of the best,..VR46,…

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