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10 Best Anime of Fall 2018 – Ones to Watch

Fall 2018 is a season of Spooky Scary Idol Girls and not at all scary skeletons. Here are 10 new anime that should be on your radar!
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Where to watch these shows:
Release the Spyce:
Bloom into You:
Zombie Land Saga:
Reincarnated as a Slime:
Run with the Wind:
Bunny Girl Senpai:
Boarding School Juliet:
Iroduku: The World in Colors:
Karakuri Circus:

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43 thoughts on “10 Best Anime of Fall 2018 – Ones to Watch”

  1. So, Goblin Slayer isn't on this list for two reasons – firstly, I don't know if I can recommend the anime right now. the light novel and manga have fun parts later on, but I don't know if those will be adapted well, and based on the first episode I wouldn't say "watch this" over anything on the list. And any recommendation would come with a content warning.
    Secondly, while I tried writing about it a few times in composing the script for this video, I couldn't sum up what I had to say in a way that would have properly served either the show's fans, or people who might be wary of it. So, I'm going to be making a separate video about the series soon.

  2. PandaKitty says:

    Also if you have VRV, HiDive is on there now too!

  3. God bless you for actually including which platform they can be found on and direct links, you're doing the Lord's work

  4. The characters in run with the wind is awesome AHAHAH

  5. i swear if he makes me think hes gonna say SAO one more time lololololololololol

  6. Titan Emp says:

    So I just watched zombiland saga last night, and I can't determine who is my fav character between Ai, junko, or the manager

  7. Go f*cking kill your self for fooling me 3 f*cking times

  8. the anmie with the slime thing only has 6 ep can somone tell me where i can get it for free and more eps

  9. F BI says:

    And im back… I want ballroom e youkoso season 3/2

  10. F BI says:

    I want boarding school Juliet not to follow the romeo and juliet plot.

  11. F BI says:

    So the first one is gender bender aye

  12. F BI says:

    So the first one is gender bender aye

  13. Yan Tse says:

    I love That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime!!! It reminds me of Overlord a little, with the OP protagonist party that could conquer the world easily.

  14. GAMEFIELD says:

    got me every single time you meanie hahahha….seriously it was funny to tease people with those SAO clips and gimmick

  15. Tim Betschel says:

    Don’t bully Charlotte, it was good

  16. 4:00 Four s's in the title SSSS.Gridman stand for Superhuman Samurai S/CyberSquad confirmed!

  17. Rei Kurosaki says:

    Why would you watch Yaoi if you don't like it?

  18. Animaechan says:

    Bunny girl is my favorite but I’m also loving zombieland saga! 💕💕

  19. Heretic_zip says:

    This new Sword art online is actually really good (at least i think so) i enjoyed first two SAO seasons but the quality and the story of this one, and how Kirito isn't fkin op from the start is awesome! I really recommend everyone check it out, at least the first ep! But as far as my favourite anime of this season goes… I can't decide between "That time i got reincarnated as a slime", which is one of my favourite isekai animes of all time (8 episodes so far) and a "Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai". I'm a fan of shounen/action animes so i don't watch a lot of LN adaptations, but this one caught my eye right from the start, and all i can say is that it is fkin great!

  20. A Kings Son says:

    How exactly did Charlotte leave you hanging wtf ? If u ask me the end was better then the start

  21. castlevania season 2 anyone?

  22. Dhdb Shdbd says:

    Why is fairy tail not on here huh?

  23. J Slaunwhite says:

    I love the shots at Sword Art Online in the first little bit :'D

  24. GhostGirl 23 says:

    I'm so glad that I gave the Bunny Girl Senpai anime a chance, I saw a clip on Instagram that made me think the MC boy was just a masochist, and the girl was a tsundere and that's all there was to their characters 😂 but I was wrong. After I saw this video I watched it, and Now it's my favorite anime this year hands down 🙌


  26. Quote of the day: "Goofy, moderately sexy good time."

  27. I just like the Rap battle in Zombieland saga

  28. TheJamz31 - says:

    karakuri circus is real good

  29. It's trope based then it can't be the best. It's just new. Thanks for the list but my goodness.

  30. Azure Apples says:

    Harem? Rimuru is genderless

  31. Otosaka Yuu says:

    Give the fucking reccommendations already for fuck sake

  32. Caio Coelho says:

    My god, stop using shoujo as if it's a genre! It's a demography, not fucking romance. There's many shoujo out there which are action, slice of life and mystery without no romance. So please, don't use that, you only spread misinformation using those terms as if they're genres when they aren't.

  33. djef ardeur says:

    run with the wind is the only anime that got my attention!!!

  34. well I hate to hype up for a week to watch 20 min of pleasure, so I guess I got ta rewatch Assassination classroom again, can anyone give me some anime that I can binge besides Assassination classroom. Please don't recommend any very old anime as I am a visual person, please try to give me example of ones after 2010. Thanks mates!

  35. Charlotte season 2 has to come soon😓😓😓

  36. That Charlotte shade was unnecessary

  37. Aidid Akhir says:

    wtf Charlotte is a let down??

  38. KD7BWB says:

    This video was in my Youtube recommended page…

    I’ve looked at all of these anime… and rejected all of them.

    Most, from the first episode, but some I had to watch out to episode-5.

    None of these rise to the 2017 works, like Princess Principal (which you mention) or Made in Abyss…

    There is plenty of others in 2016 or 2017, that top anything in 2018.

    Which means I’m in a viewing holding pattern until better work arrives.

  39. JenoPaciano says:

    Release the Spyce – shit look like Sucker Punch

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