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10 Secrets Your Car Mechanic Don’t Want You To Know!

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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26 thoughts on “10 Secrets Your Car Mechanic Don’t Want You To Know!”

  1. Turning wrenchs for 10+ Years. Dont take it to Joey fuck face down the street. Learn about popular local shops, local family shops, or whoever. Build a relationship with them. I have had SO many customers follow me just because of a trust factor. You and the customer are the ultimate success to make money. Trust can go a long way. If you are taking your car to quick lube. Your fucking up already. People who dont have experience or even care about your car. See so many cars and never make a personal relation with them. As far as flushes, once again, you gotta know your vehicle maintenance requirements, what flushes are designed to do. Obviously dont be doing a Power steering flush every 15k miles. Cars with CVT transmissions dont be doing transmission flushes with machines, simple drain and fill procedure. So dont blame Mechanics and little lube places to why your getting raped by service. You as the OWNER is your RESPONSIBILITY to know what you bought and need to understand what you need to do to keep your vehicle up to par.

    Ultimate blame for anyone is the owner of the car. Not our fault you are inexperience and dont take the time to learn your own Product.

  2. Tony Merritt says:

    You can find when the tire was made. It’s on the side wall of the tire. Four numbers equal the month and year.

  3. Spygineer says:

    number 4 is literally the opposite, mechanics will always call you when they find something else that doesn't work. They'll make you sign an authorization form if you say that you don't want them to repair that part, so if the customer crashes because of that part that failed he can't blame it on the mechanic for not repairing that part. Number 5…every single repair shop must have an engine analyzer and especially the OBD scanner, if they don't have that then the repair shop will be closed. Number 8 is just bullshit learn something before saying that shit (sorry for my english)

  4. Okay I'm not a car mechanic but I've been to school for it and I worked at a dealership for a while but now I am a motorcycle mechanic and if I told somebody that their vehicle is dangerous and I wouldn't ride it I mean it. Spent 10 years in the military I have a lot of honor integrity and I I am honest. This f*** pretty much just called everyone of us a liar. I don't sell someone something they don't need I actually try to save customers money and granted there are some shady mechanics out there but there's also people that makes Shady YouTube videos. This is the kind of guy that will work on his own s*** and f*** it all up and then go crying to a mechanic saying his buddy did it. Or he's the kind of person that will call the shop and get a mechanic on the line then ask him directions on how to fix something. I would bet he's the kind of a**** that will have coolant that is brown or transmission fluid that is black someone will recommend that he change them immediately and he would argue about it which I won't argue with people like that you tell him you tell him the dangers of it they want to fight with you let him go hopefully live in a place where it gets cold as hell and since it's coolant antifreeze has lost all its properties maybe it he will freeze engine block and crack it or his transmission will go out. Okay I didn't listen to the whole thing and he's telling telling everybody here that there's additives that can clean your fuel injectors better than pulling them and cleaning them a different way individually that f*** smoking crack. I haven't seen one additive cleaning injector better than a person can, I'd also brought up coolant before I heard what he said. If you want to go a hundred thousand miles on your coolant go right ahead or hit me up and I'll teach you how to do in 15 minutes. I made the mistake of listening the more of it. The last thing he said about tires just proves to me this guy knows nothing if he knew anything he would have told everybody how to read the side of a tire. I don't need to go into it right now but there's numbers on the side of the tire that will tell you the manufacture date of that tire he could have explained it in his video but he's a hack

  5. Ok… I've been a mechanic for 23 years.
    1. Most modern cars, especially diesels MUST run synthetic oil
    2. Coolant can be watered down by leaks and must be replaced when its concentration falls below 30% or so. Power steering oil in the majority of cars should be changed as regularly as the Automatic transmission oil.
    3. If a mechanic says don't drive the car and you choose to, don't blame the mechanic when the ambulance officers are dragging your dead children from the wreckage.
    4. Use your brain, if the workshop looks good and they are polite then try them out. Not all businesses are good, same with every trade.
    5. If unauthorized work is done, the workshop cannot legally hold your car, just call the police to get it back.
    6. DON'T WATCH STUPID VIDEOS LIKE THIS. An unqualified person is telling you about unqualified people???

  6. I've been in the automotive repair business for over 25 years. I never suggested or stressed a repair that was not required to remain safe and operating as intended. All fluids wear out and should be replaced on a scheduled basis. Read your owners manual. They list the mileage interviels when they should be serviced.

  7. TJC2 Cooper says:

    Great channel!! Lots of useful information!

  8. Kobra455 says:

    This video is pretty damn stupid

  9. Kulash says:

    I hope the government will implement the LAW against negligence mechanic. They should care about what they DO. It is the life of the driver that owns the car they fixed at risk.

  10. Sully G says:

    Wow this is straight lies, except for the one about synthetic oil

  11. Cobra Jet says:

    Holy shit you have really no sense of how ignorant you are mr. Facts guy. At least mine and some other comments give you some sort of fact like you're an idiot

  12. Kawa Kawa says:

    Also, from my point of view, this is a trolling video , designed to cause argument.

  13. Kawa Kawa says:

    … Saying that additives are enough to fix fuel injectors , is just not true. Old injectors will need to be ultrasonically cleaned. But what ever eh ?

  14. George Swift says:

    Hire a shade tree mechanic…way less expensive!

  15. dont forget to add blinker fluid.

  16. After meeting all of the above, the mechanic's charge will be unaffordable.

  17. Thomas tom says:

    Never seen any shop do anything like this to anyone

  18. This is so very true, and I know there are a lot of mechanic shops that seem trustworthy enough, but will try to hassle you for money on repairs that aren't as serious as the mechanic portrays them to be. For anyone who is influenced to do their own mechanic work after watching this, who would benefit from using this soap after working?

  19. Only IDIOTS would like this video. 🖓

  20. C'mon, haven't you people heard the saying "IF IT'S ON THE INTERNET, IT HAS TO BE THE TRUTH "? Lmmfao

  21. D HM says:

    A joke of a video. For instance, I'm using 14 year old tires right now. If it ain't dry rotted on the sides, it's good. Another, if you get someone on the side of the road to help you and you ask all those questions….he's going to leave and still get paid by AAA.

  22. I just dropped my car at the shop and I made the all above 10 mistakes. What I should expect?

  23. Samuel I says:

    It's good to be a man.
    Didn't learn a thing I didn't already know.

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