When Caroline Choi contacted me with this palatial mansion I knew we had to film it for you guys! This place has $2million in chandeliers alone!

Caroline Choi:

Shamon Shamonki:

Main camera:
B Roll camera:
Wide lens:
Less wide lens:
LAV mic:
Memory card 1:
Memory card 2:




  1. Obi2 says:

    The girl is like… Asian kardashian, all plastic nothing is real.

  2. That woman is acting crazy. Money make people crazy

  3. I'm sorry to tell you this Michael but the architect of that house is an idiot! He didn't do justice to that classic mansion. Composition and proportions were all messed up! What a shame to the profession! I happen to be an expert and lecturer of classics. It's a good thing the finishes and materials used were awesome… but that was all to brag about!

  4. Ray Charron says:

    That could hold at least 800 illegals.

  5. ironheadfm says:

    As an European I can tell at first glance: This is an american house. Because an American copy of European style and elegance almost always looks kind of cheap and superficial. It doesn't look authentic.The taste of plastic and fast food, despite the obviously expensive materials and the craftsmanship put into this home.

    I don't know why it is. Maybe it is too much of everything. Maybe it's the too obvious intention of the owners to show off their wealth, which shines through. Maybe it is the lack of history behind the copy. Maybe it is the uninspired style mix without knowing anything about the style epochs. Maybe the lack of personality.
    The owners of this house obviously are no poor fellows. So I would like to give them the advice: Please look out for an Italian, french, german or swiss architect and interior designer for your next home.

  6. This is such a fun channel and Caroline is a very sweet and smart lady to invite Michael. I hope they find the perfect owners. Thank you for sharing with everyone! ( :

  7. Ducksauce says:

    Has a resident evil vibe to it. The first one.

  8. She said "they nailed it" in such satisfied manner

  9. At first I thought that the lady was Pokimane

  10. spooky poo says:

    it’ll be gone in the next fire so no thanks (:

  11. loved the "its so bouncy" and "the famous sausage" comments, ahahah

  12. Love when you said she could host the party with her commission. Specifically if she’s on an 80/20 with her brokerage company.

  13. I love how he BARLEY blurred out the pic

  14. Voddgreen says:

    She doesn't even know how to walk in high heels. Well at least she tries.

  15. my tunes says:

    Nice house, a bit big, but i like it.

  16. Mark Holiday says:

    House looks like it could be 13-14 mil. Great deal.

  17. E P McGill says:

    What are you a producer of, Michael?

  18. brandywell44 says:

    …where to land the helicopter?

  19. Bob Saget says:

    Edit the Asian bitch out of your future vids

  20. That girls voice makes me want to blow my head off everytime her mouth opens.

  21. 11 million for a fully custom home like that is a bargain.

  22. Tyler Conlon says:

    Dude that Asian lady wrong place wrong time

  23. Hot Sauce says:

    Caroline's true talent must be closing the deals.

  24. I'd like to see her…all hang out. :"

  25. Does the chick come with the place? It would be nice to come home to that. For a little while at least.

  26. She deserves 10 cocks in her garage

  27. Jack Blaack says:

    22:25 easily easily easily easily

  28. Me so horny, love you long time….sucky fucky 5 dollar

  29. eddietwang says:

    How does Producer Michael sleep on an evening, What with all his Baubles, Watches and Quite frankly Tat? How often do you hit the Highways in your Super cars and Max out on the Freeway?…I suspect their is more chance of you choking on a piece of Caviar at your local Deli then being engulfed in a 200 mph fireball as you crash out in your Ferrari as your designer trousers get stuck in your flappy paddle gear box…You are every thing that is wrong on planet Earth.

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