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12 Things Men Wear That Women Love

I see so many videos and articles of men telling other men the things men wear that women love or even 10 things she thinks are sexy. Except there’s a bit of an issue, at least in my eyes – the last time I checked, these guys weren’t women. So who said they now speak for women? So to fix this, I polled all my female friends and came up with an actual list of 12 things men wear that women love – by women. for more about me, what I do as a Celebrity Menswear Stylist, and other men’s lifestyle related articles and videos.


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I hope you liked this video about the things she thinks are sexy. I normally do longer series’ about men’s style, men’s etiquette, men’s grooming, men’s dating and other men’s lifestyle topics, including some occasional vlogging. But I thought it would be fun to do one-of type men’s style videos from time to time. Definitely check out my other videos if you liked this one!

If you read this far – thanks for making me feel so special that you care enough! I also included a question in the comments section below that I’d love to see you answer. And you’ve gone through the comments of my other videos, you know that I always try to answer as many of the comments as possible.

49 thoughts on “12 Things Men Wear That Women Love”

  1. You really don't need to be rich to pull this off. I was able to put together my successful day trader uniform for less than $100 at Savers. Women don't need to know I actually blow all my tradesman wages on videogames and audio equipment and live paycheck to paycheck in a crummy condo that smells like dog piss. Just like we don't need to know what kinda nasty shit these sexy, well pampered women have goin' on under the hood.

  2. LJTowers says:

    What woman gives an actual crap about a tie bar. Like "OMG, did you see that tie bar, so sexy!!!" Sorry, never met a single woman to utter flattering words over a tie bar.

  3. New York says:

    And she is into Brad Pitt wallet

  4. How about women stop drawing their eyebrows with sharpies in such weird ways and leave them natural (trimmed).

  5. Just make it rain on dem' Ho3$ 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 🐈

  6. Donnie Luc says:

    You forgot condoms and deodorant, especially unattractive dudes. Lol!

  7. DZAKI SUDA says:

    What about a pair of cufflings??

  8. dannyzee4 says:

    Not sure about that orange top though

  9. Chase away gold diggers fart on the first date as loud as you can. If she stays and laughs you got yourself gold.

  10. bassman7365 says:

    So….clothes that fit.

  11. I thought the number one thing would be cologne

  12. Nick Tokar says:

    So, what you're telling me is to wear the most uncomfortable things I can find so I make myself look like the douchiest, preppiest rich guy you can find, right?

  13. Over 7 million views. 😀

  14. Darren Lee says:

    Think women are attracted to guys smell good

  15. Basically be rich. What's wrong with women?

  16. Mr. dier108 says:

    What about earings???

  17. fellas dont dress for females dress for yourself, develop a style unique to yourself, when you're confident in your own personal taste in clothing and know that you look good women will notice too

  18. thomas addis says:

    1. Money
    2. Power
    3. Looks
    4. Popularity
    5 success

  19. I don't think women know what they want

  20. oldmate says:

    She take my money when im in need.

  21. FIRE says:

    I disagree but I have always been different lol I prefer man with huge hoodie and big pants

  22. rizwan khan says:

    Why men and womens wearing drawyers ? (under wear ) tell me the right answer its a silly quetion but i want to get reason …..tell me anyone

  23. Bitch u says:

    one short way
    A Condom

  24. mark j says:

    Who are these women 😂😂 v-neck bro

  25. I think I'm a good looking dude. When I go too the gym girls be checking me out but when I mention my 5 kids they get really spook hahahah😂😂😂

  26. I will wear whatever I want, who cares what women loves 😂

  27. You missed out the one thing that is GUARANTEED…and no kidding either… to get a woman's attention ( of any age )…What is it? A Kilt of course!

  28. Victor Savo says:

    I got laid the most when I wore cargo short, Crocs and a wife-beater. Suits are okay for work but you will look like a tryhard if you wear them for dating

  29. Ray A says:

    Just here to drop a dislike. Peace out

  30. Ray A says:

    Men with expensive cars. And lots of baby Mama's. And wearing money

  31. Lokman Din says:

    Is the purpose of men's life is just to impressed women??? Do men still need to dressed like that to impressed women while he is already married?? NO. But men need to dressed like that is just because they care about have self confidence in public and etc.

  32. That's because you saw the suit an said chaching here comes the money

  33. She has the face of a little 🐵 monkey. Lol

  34. Mike Jackson says:

    Number one thing women love to see a man in ….jogging pants

  35. Zaxx 1989 says:

    top comments are the real answers 😂

  36. Zomato ad intro music ?

  37. BEN Dynaus says:

    Those are for girls closed to you. Try another set of girls

  38. Whatever happened to honor, humility, integrity, LOVE, honesty, and character? No, perhaps materialism will suffice I suppose…

  39. what is the female equivalent of a misogynist?

  40. this woman is sooooo shallow.

  41. edwin babu says:

    In short dress like David beckham

  42. james ludan says:

    you do realize that tattoos coming out you nesck or cuffs looks like crap!

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