Watchs SALE All about watches 1959 MK1 Mido “Rainbow” Diver 2210633 – FOR SALE

1959 MK1 Mido “Rainbow” Diver 2210633 – FOR SALE

Most people think of Mido watches as being rather middle-of-the-road—as sort of a Toyota Camry of the Watchworld. But last year I tracked down and bought a Mido Powerwind “Rainbow” Diver, also known as a Mido Powerwind Diver 1000—the most rare and valued watch Mido has ever produced.

While most Midos knock around the $1000 mark, the Mido Powerwind Rainbow comes in at nearly $17,000—almost unthinkable territory for a Mido. A typical collector seeing a Rainbow in a random box of watches would hardly look twice. It’s the type of rare and little-known watch that only a seriously obsessed collector would know for its importance and value.

It’s FOR SALE need $17,000AUD PayPal or Bank Transfer, Will post to you with Insurance and Tracked and Express Delivery, Any Country, located in Australia.

1959 MK1 Mido “Rainbow” Diver 2210633

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