Watchs SALE All about watches 2000hp SUPERCHARGED SCHOOL BUS | Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

2000hp SUPERCHARGED SCHOOL BUS | Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

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41 thoughts on “2000hp SUPERCHARGED SCHOOL BUS | Car Mechanic Simulator 2018”

  1. Mason Conner says:

    Love you are a lot of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best in the world

  2. hey man it says that you're playing car mechanic 2015 this is car mechanic 2018 :]

  3. Should of done small front big back

  4. Skinnydaamo says:

    You can change the size of the Tyre in main menu to unrealistic wheel size, that will let you make the right size.

  5. Lane Cobb says:

    You shouod do Texas plates because of the size

  6. Add North Dakota plates man

  7. Zander says:

    The rear seats are the fenders! I noticed this in the first video.

  8. 😳😳 I'm blown away that's a keeper man

  9. ThisIsPayne says:

    The funny part is, that's not even the fastest version of the school bus, I made a drag version of it as well.

  10. Son And Dad says:

    You should a dragster

  11. gorillaman do you have an xbox

  12. Carlton H says:

    Do the truck next

  13. I wish that that could be my school bus irl

  14. This is my favorite game that you play. Many it’s just because you make it look awesome. Just because of this vid I subscribed

  15. ethan smith says:

    Is there a gorilla Woman?????????????????????????????

  16. Dylan Foley says:

    You forgot the mud flaps

  17. KillerPoint6 says:

    U can go higher then 400 you have to change a setting in settings

  18. leak 007 says:

    you are amassing!!!

  19. TRW199333 says:

    Nice but tires are too small

  20. Harry Conley says:

    Mrs frizzle gone crazy

  21. For the tire size go into the settings and turn on unrealistic tire sizes

  22. Where do you download your mods from cause I am really enjoying this and want to try it out for my self

  23. Cam Arthur says:

    Dude love your vids

  24. Elanip channel his bus got up to 900 mph

  25. I love your vids especially CMS 2018 and FS19

  26. You forgot a steering wheel

  27. Underworld5o says:

    Open the trunk of the bus and point at the seats,the seats are the fenders for the bus

  28. Money how you treatment

  29. Well it's a fast car or bus not not the fastest school bus on YouTube Elanip has the fastest school bus on YouTube challenge each other to build the fastest school bus or make it another car Edit: wait why is the comment called high lighted comment but try to beat Elanip not saying his a bad channel it's a good channel but I just wanna see if u can beat his record and do a calabration I wanna see who wins the challenge

  30. U only need two slicks cause u won't be able to turn in real life with all the tires slicks

  31. Finally the school bus is finished

  32. Ciulik 103 says:

    do more Oldtimers!

  33. Inside of the bus the are seets that are fenders right and left

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