Watchs SALE All about watches 2k Subscriber Samsung Screen Repair Giveaway & Freezing Customers S8 Plus

2k Subscriber Samsung Screen Repair Giveaway & Freezing Customers S8 Plus

Hey guys! Just wanted to thank you all for the support! We are almost at 2k subscribers. Thank each and every one of you all for subbing it means a lot:)
In return we wanted to give back to the community and offer a free Samsung Screen Repair for any of our US customers. All you need to do is subscribe to our channel and comment below!

If you have any questions or need to get screen repaired feel free to contact us!
PS. This same method can be applied to all Samsung Galaxy model devices.
Remember always mind the flex!

We hope you all get some useful information from this video!

Don’t forgot to request our Curved Screen Shield to protect your new front glass replacement.

Fill out this form and we will send you a prepaid label within 24hrs.

Contact Us:
833-677-4663 ext. 0

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Snapchat – @MrPhoneDoctor

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17 thoughts on “2k Subscriber Samsung Screen Repair Giveaway & Freezing Customers S8 Plus”

  1. I'm a subscriber, but why only US customers?

  2. 🙏 my Galaxy s8 needs a new screen love watching your videos

  3. That would b so awesome note 8 cracked screen please please. Lol

  4. T Will says:

    Keep the videos coming!

  5. ziaflame says:

    I 2 s8 pluses that need repair

  6. Ray Rc1764 says:

    Cool videos they are very helpful including this give away thanks

  7. Гап йук ома боллар.

  8. Mohamed Elwa says:

    Where can I get the freezer and how much

  9. Juan Leyva says:

    I want to enter the raffle

  10. Meeraj Khan says:

    I'm coming by next month brother! Can't wait to see what you've been cookin

  11. Nice video man, need to get one of that freezer. That a good move doing that partnership.

  12. MD ZAID says:

    Nice work love u bro from india

  13. Ryan Gross says:

    Awesome guys and keep up the good work. People need repairs all the time and thank you for the service you offer. Great vlog..

  14. Thank you sir. S9 please.

  15. Kent Brian says:

    That would be awesome! Cracked my note 9 screen a few weeks ago. Thanks for the videos!

  16. Gabriel says:

    Thank you so much 👍

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