Watchs SALE All about watches 5 Reasons Why Daniel Wellington Is Perhaps The Worst Watch Brand Ever

5 Reasons Why Daniel Wellington Is Perhaps The Worst Watch Brand Ever

After many delays and failed attempts to convince the rambunctious T-Rex Hugo Mountbatten to review the Daniel Wellington Classic Durham, he finally delivers. However, the result is far from perfect. Hugo’s never-ending greed and total lack of scruples has led him to ultimately sell out.

In response to his questionable love of the ruddy thing, I share 5 reasons why I believe Daniel Wellington produces some of the worst watches on sale today.

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25 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Daniel Wellington Is Perhaps The Worst Watch Brand Ever”

  1. Caleb Foster says:

    Love your passion. I’m new to the watch world but I’m learning as I go

  2. The book, that we see on the video, should be called "Fifty shades of watch" 🙂

  3. zbanghy1986 says:

    That intro….I laughed for about 3-4 minutes 🤣🤣🤣

  4. You should do a review on the new Victorinox INOX mechanical watch!!!!!! PLEASE!

  5. Etienne says:

    I've got one thb… I got it 'cause I liked the style. I wasn't into watches at all and as a "non watch guy" this was the only one i knew. But at lest it got me into watches and now I'm typing with my SKX007 on my wrist 😉

  6. can you make an Room tour ? or did you already ?

  7. Youtube fashion "gurus"have disliked this video.

  8. Frank Mazzeo says:

    What do you Think about the Bulova 98h51?

  9. Was that a skeleton smoking a joint on his monitor?,hey tgv I think some of your art work got mixed up with the museum feed

  10. whynotlin says:

    5 ways DW watches are better than Rolex!!!

  11. Sim Bonnett says:

    Great vid sir, very balanced .

  12. Curtis Holm says:

    Thankfully dropping LSD doesn't cause you to hallucinate a Daniel Wellington on your wrist 😉

  13. The close up of that watch really struck me as something you'd find at Walmart for $11.95. (not that there's anything wrong with shopping at Wally World, or watches for $11.95, but there is something wrong with $11.95 watches being sold for almost two hundred dollars)

  14. Don Rogan says:

    About the success of fashion brands, I'm reminded of a comment made by Stuart Cinek on the success of Apple, that they are a lifestyle company that just happens to sell computers, thinking the same could be said for DW, like it or not!

  15. Holum says:

    Haha your intro got me tripping too.

  16. Rodov1968 says:

    Why don't the buyers of these see the first thing that I see, which would put me off wearing them straight away?

    I would never even have bought any of the watches I already own, if they had a back to front letter in the logo.

    Am I weird for that, or something?

    Or is it actually clever marketing? Intended to be deliberately divisive or a talking point; where you're an old fart if you don't like it because you don't see the point but if you don't mind it, like the old farts do, then you are fashionable trendy, young or 'young at heart', relaxed, ironic and fun?

    And, of course, you're also an old fart if you read into it or talk about it too much to try to suss out why they've done it instead of just buying it and wearing it to show that you don't take inconsequential things too seriously, bla bla blabbity bla…

    There certainly is no APPARENT reason for it. And I'm pretty sure a business man like their MD, wouldn't just take such a (mis)step for NO reason. So it must be for something not-so-apparent. And if it's for the theory above I am happy to be the 'old fart' and say "It takes more than buying something off someone with a back to front D on the front to make me feel or show I'm any kind of an individual or make me feel like I'm having some fun.

  17. Zen Balboni says:

    I get my minimalistic and classy kick from my lovely SARB035, a price that could buy several DWs, but why would i want so many of that crap when i can have a fantastic SARB035?

  18. I M says:

    DW is a watch brand? i thought those are just ugly weights for your wrist to do gymnastics..

  19. snacklofter says:

    Superb! ps. Will the war room be decorated for Xmas this year? atb snack.

  20. Tr Marci says:

    Just after a Dan Henry

  21. Donguk Shin says:

    It's quite sad to see this video after I got that exact watch from my cousin as my graduation present…

  22. JP Davis says:

    Brilliant my friend. What more is there not to understand as to this Canard. Best, JP

  23. SuperBigAce says:

    Can you please review the orient bambino 2nd generation version 4

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