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5 Scams Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know

5 Scams Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Car repair scams. Mechanic scams. Car scams revealed. Things your mechanic won’t tell you. Things mechanics don’t want you to know. How not to get scammed. How mechanics and dealerships are rip you off when working on your car. Why going to the dealership to get your car fixed can be a rip off. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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48 thoughts on “5 Scams Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know”

  1. ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:

    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:

    2. Cheap Scan Tool:

    3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:

    4. Professional Socket Set:

    5. Ratcheting Wrench Set:

    6. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:

    7. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

    ⬇️ Things used in this video:

    1. Common Sense

    2. 4k Camera:

    3. Camera Microphone:

    4. Camera Tripod:

    5. My computer for editing / uploading:

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  2. Frank H says:

    And that's the truth folks 💪

  3. Armyoft says:

    Hi question I have a 2007 Honda Civic with 96000 miles on it when should I change my timing belt and my transmission fluid

  4. Jim says:

    It's just so hard to find a good mechanic. There is multiple version of the word scam or should I say how much you get ripped off. I spent 30 years fixing my own junk and said that is enough and spent the next 20 years hunting mechanics i can trust. I found two! One passed away and the other cheated on his wife and she took him to the cleaners. Point is, a lot of us don't have many choices to choose from. Is the good mechanic a dying breed? Going back to the dealer is killing my wallet.


  6. Scotty…….. I have the light engine on my car I went to the mecanic to fixed and they charge me 1100 .00 dollars and the light still on they toll me drive the car and a drive the car the light never went off I was No happy ????&$ thank you for your vídeos …..

  7. Al Grayson says:

    If these guys were surgeons no female patient would ever get out with her uterus.

  8. Al Grayson says:

    You mean I didn't need a set of tires with the Dual Clutch warranty replacement?

  9. Al Grayson says:

    And Scotty can charge them double for what the dealer wants 10x for and his customer is happy that he only got ripped off twice instead of ripped off a dozen times over.

  10. George Davis says:

    First time I've seen one of your videos, Master technician here and think its great what you're doing by telling people what to look out for. my only input would be on the transmission service thing. I think its totally personal preference as transmissions are a sealed system, so if there is trash in the pan then it came from the transmission indicating there is internal wear or damage.

  11. Orange Fury says:

    I wish i lived near you over the years.

  12. T.M. H. says:

    Scotty you seem like a real nice guy and you seem fairly honest, ,but I'd like to ask, "do you and liquor have a problem"??? Cause you remind me of this friend I had, great guy, honest, would do anything for ya. But he died of a liver what's ya may call it. Just wondering, won't stop me from watching, and I don't care one way or another. You seem to have that what the hell attitude. I'm glad you talk loud, that's good cause I don't hear so good.

    Hey Scotty where's the best place to buy winter and summer air for my tires? And I was wondering, my pick-up has less than 40 thousand miles, is it really due for muffler bearings?

  13. The68lespaul says:

    Dear MR. Kilmer, its so refreshing to see and hear from an honest mechanic ,meaning you, ive been helping my dad ever since I was a little boy, about 5 yrs old I helped him bolt up a rebuilt transmission on a 1955 chevy coupe, it had a white top, and an orange body all factory colors, he built it from the ground up in fact when he got it, it was given to him as scrap, he turned it into a master piece, it was so beautiful when he got done, you remind me of him so bad its not even funny, and like you he was a very hard working machinist down in canton, here in Baltimore,Maryland, his side thing was fixing up older cars and restoring them back to like new condition, everybody that would see us outside working on cars all the time would stop and ask him if he would take a look at there cars, he would say yes, and tell them when to bring it back, we worked and fixed so many cars in our area the entire block was filled with customers cars waiting to be fixed by him, but the neighbors complained about having nowhere to park,lol so we moved the whole operation over to my grand Fathers garage, it was at the end of the block next to a church, that had a huge parking lot, at the age of 7 or 8 yrs old ,I was driving customers cars in an out of our garage 20 times a day, a lot of our customers said EXACTLY what you said, the mechanic they went to 1st told them its going to need thousands of dollars worth of work, some customers came over and would give us there car because they didn't have the money the 1st mechanic told them what it was going to cost to fix, my Dad would tell them its just this one thing and it,ll be about 50 dollars and not 3thousand , we never, ever EVER ADVERTISED we had so much work to do on peoples cars we would have been busy for the next 20 yrs, I grew up helping him grabbing wrenches, sockets,extensions, an so forth, but my dad was a very HONEST MAN LIKE YOU MR.KILMER, he always told the customer exactly what there car really needed, that got us so much business we couldn't handle it all, some people had to wait for weeks til we could get to there car, they were fine with it, my Dad taught me one thing being honest is always your best bet, when some people found out how much my dad said it would cost, they would give us hundreds more just for being HONEST we never advertised, never had a big bright sign, or anything that would make you think we were back there fixing cars, but we had well over 25 to 30 cars filling up the churches parking lot sometimes, so I had to hurry up an move,em around real fast so the church wouldn't complain,lol but MR. KILMER your the best, you stone take me back to my days with my dad, helping him ,and making people happy,and leave with a smile from ear to ear, and they always came back, I guess when you are HONEST AND DO EXCELLENT WORK for a fair an honest cost, they just naturally come flocking to you, I know everybody wants to save money and so did we, we were poor, my dad had us 4 kids and my Mom to take care of , it was very hard especially during the winter, we had a kerosene space heater, but it soon became a killing machine, meaning its exhaust would build up inside the garage, and we had to turn it off to breathe,lol, cant fix a car if your dead,lol but I think ive watched about 30 or 40 of your video,s so far, you,ve taught me a lot, im greatful for that, so thank you MR. KILMER , my dad is now 81 yrs old he doesn't climb under cars no more, but I still do, im glad I helped him back as a 5 yr old kid I kindaa didn't like it so much but I heard him calling out for help, and when I seen none of my other brothers or sister go out an help him, I did, and now that all these years have gone by plus all the work I helped and watched him do im so glad I did help him I think your GREAT MR. KILMER please keep making your video,s they are a huge help out here in the real world, you,ve saved me about a thousand dollars so far, I especially like it when you show what your doing while your explaining it, the close ups are great also, your doing a awesome job sharing your experience with all of us out here, I certainly appreciate it more than you,ll ever know, I hope you continue making them for many,many more years to come MR. KILMER your a great mechanic and great at explaining what your doing and showing us , plus your honesty, your a super cool guy MR. KILMER , sincerely, William the guy who bought that vette back last sept a 1980 C-3 all original shark body, all black with the claret int. auto trans with a stock 5.7 350 V-8  its for sale if you want it, I cant afford to keep it, it still needs a little more work but im broke as a church mouse, please if you know anyone who would like photo,s of it, I have a I-8 phone and can send as many photo,s as they like , the only things it needs now is the left front brake caliber, transmission pan gasket an filter, and both valve cover gaskets, and a Freon charge, and a grease job to the steering fittings done, that's about it, shes solid runs great, 34 thousand original miles on it, rear diff is full new paint job last sept with a cost of 3500.00 have receipts for all work and parts, that ive done so far, but it cleaned me out, I cant even drive it because im out of money, I cant even put gas in it to test drive it, that's bad, but its my reality, plus I have spinal stenosis and cant get in or out of it anymore, so I figure it best just to sell it to someone who can finish her up and have a little fun with her, thank you MR. KILMER  for everything , sincerely, William don't forget to ring that bell ,lol Good Night sir.

  14. Check engine lights don’t scare you when you own a vw

  15. muggsie bugs says:

    Why compton blvd jajaja ?lol

  16. Japanese cars are the best! Now I'm not a big Japanese car fan but I know they are the best. I like a few Japanese cars. I have a 91 MR2 Turbo…..I love it!

  17. Warren Katz says:

    Dealers are the biggest thieves.
    My air conditioning wasn't blowing cold
    Dealer said hose was leaking.that was true.they wanted $900 .took a shop down the block, never been there.
    Replaced the hose with adding freon for 250 bucks!the mechanic was in disbelief that they would have the nerve to charge that for a hose!

  18. Haynes and Chilton with a good set of tools. You deserve far more attention than this platform will allow you. Thank you for doing what you do.

  19. Jael says:

    5:57 uncle scotty nailed it….

    ..say Uncle Scotty I took my 2005 mazda 6 and they said it needs about 4500 worth of work on the engine mounts, transmission mounts, front axle for both sides and a clutch job…….may need to have yu check it and tell me if they ripping me off or not. Send me a message,

  20. i only buy trash thats a notch above the scrap yard specifically so that i dont have to deal with dealers, and i dont have to bother with depreciation… if you do it yourself, getting a car inspectable will only run you about $400 max given no engine/trans/frame damage. once you have tools they dont go away either, so thats a good investment.

    my current car was intentionally meant to be a project. 2000 forester, 241k. i got it for $600 and ive put roughly 30 on top of that so ballparking $3600 total. its not worth that much right now by any stretch, but it is working 100% now including all "extras" like the AC and seat heaters, and its gotten me 13k miles… but after some mathsss i realized my cost of ownership per unit time is exactly the same as what my mom is paying for her 2011 pilot, and were doing about the same distances.

    so im sitting here wondering why i would ever buy a new 2011 pilot in 2011 and make the payments on it until now, when i could get 16 of my car and get the same distance in the same time for my money? assuming the massive low ball- that each will receive the $3600 and only make the 13k miles- id be breaking even with that one pilot. so why wouldnt i choose the 16 cars that are gonna go well past 13? and even if i choose 2 or 3 bad eggs with sawdust transmissions or rod knocks, id still be realistically getting farther!

    buy junkers everyone. craigslist filter max price $800, hit enter…

  21. Gary Howell says:

    How do you figure out who the OEM supplier is?

  22. Juan Miguel says:

    I'm a YouTube mechanic.😉

  23. JB toy's says:

    Audi service interval message after one year of driving. I drove 4 thousand Kilometers only in that year.

  24. my dads 02 infiniti g20 had the outside ambient air temp sensor torn off by a piece of tire on the highway, and thus the AC was never kicking on. stupid decision to put it on the bumper, infiniti…. but a new sensor was going for $40 online. my dad knew better than to pay for what was honestly just a 30 cent thermistor glued inside a lego brick, so he didnt. …take a guess what we used to fix the problem 😉

  25. 214mjn says:

    Im a mechanic myself. I take pride in my work. I love when i hear. Im sending my friends here. Or im sending my family to you when things break. I love it. If mechanics were more honest and upfront they would make more money cause word of mouth is the best advertising and its free 🙂

  26. Goose says:

    I have a 2004 Jetta GLI that I took to the dealer for a new radiator mount and they said it was going to be $3000 and also said I need a new radiator even knowing I just replaced it plus several other things. All lies those people are crooks for sure.

  27. Denispat says:

    Toyo in Quebec city. Such good people, would recommend anytime

  28. Denispat says:

    'and bla bla bla!' hahahahah love your colours : )

  29. Don't ever go to the dealer except for recall and alignment. Find a reputable dealer.

  30. Jeff Gao says:

    His body language gives me a jack sparrow vibe lol

  31. I bet that dealership is autonation.

  32. It’s hilarious when people’s scams fail and backfire and then it’s even funnier when they get pissed off.

  33. Joel Goyena says:

    Hi Scotty, I have a new Japanese hybrid, 1,640 KM and it's less than 6 months old. According to the manual, change oil is needed which come first 5 months or 8000 Km. I can see maintenance light on, Should I bring to the dealer?

  34. Jim Kral says:

    I’m not here to argue wether this man is an honest professional or not. I would however point out at 45 seconds in behind him are what appear to be oil drain pans. Which appear to be upside down as though they are being drained. I hope from a environmental aspect that those did not contain anything drained from a vehicle.

  35. Phil UP6903 says:

    It is obvious you love the Toyota. I believe in knowing % s. You say these cars are built so well they hardly need service. Let me ask you this. Is there a site where one can see how many trannys were purchased for the altima. or Subaru forester over the last ten years vs the Toy. Rav4. Are there that many poorly made Nissans or Subarus to not consider buying one. I have a Forester with 100k and now replaced the tranny fluid 4 the sec. time in that 100K. Why am I to worry as what is the % of their replacements and did the people not change the fluids. I had a 6 cyl. grand caravan for 160K and and only replaced the fuel pump and a pully. in that time

  36. Always ask for your old parts back to look at also. He was 100% right this time

  37. I worked in dealers, even the nice expensive tri-star tip cars dealers are thieves, my Satan….. they said i was not a TEAM PLAYER so had to be fired, eventually succeeded , now i own my repair shop, small and i am at peace, no pressure and all new clients are dealer drop outs cause every visit was $1000.00 of UP SALES…… I see cars and found dealer had tampered with electronics (loosen ground strap to computers…. have anyone seen that or just this one dealer?) So YES you are right Mr. Kilmer……

  38. They are still better than the stealership which for some reason charges thousands for something ?!?

  39. Scotty where is your shop?

  40. Chris H says:

    Whats sad is everything mentioned on numerous of his vids are common sense things.

    People are just to lazy to do a lil bit of research or learn new things that might by chance get a bit of dirt or grime on their precious clothes from simple checks.

  41. TheMowgli420 says:

    Great video.. Thanks! Here in VT the yearly car inspection got a lot harder… If brakes are just under 50% the car won't pass.. I've even had second opinions. It's tough here.

  42. Les Grant says:

    Capitalist white collar cooks, honest people are a minority. Thanks for the video Scotty

  43. Yeah, a lot of these guys are crooks. They prey on people who know nothing about cars. Keep watching Scotty and you will have the knowledge to prevent being a victim of their scams.

  44. This is why i dont bring my wrx in for maintenance. They keep spamming my emails and sending service post cards to me in the mail. Saying your subaru is overdue for service bring it in asap. Mind you i dont have any service contracts. Im at 18k miles and ive changed the oil 5 times now. And they act like its never been changed! Im not stupid do not let the dealer scam you. The only worth it package is paintless dent repair. Thats it.

  45. Jr Urias says:

    I want to move to Texas just to be close to Scotty

  46. Ignoring service intervals can void the factory warranty. There is a difference between “factory service intervals” in the owner’s manual (which you need to follow to maintain the warranty), and a “dealer recommendation service”. The Dealer Recommended Service is usually unneeded.

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