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7 Tips and Tricks to repair your Furnace DIY

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In this video I show you a few things to look for to fix your furnace. It’s expensive to call a repair man and most of the time is not needed. I am not an expert, just someone trying to share my experience with you to save some money. Always turn your power to your furnace off before tampering with things. This would be a good video to start with because I try to show a general idea of how a furnace works. When all else fails, you have to call an expert, but first try the steps in this video.

Here is a list of codes that was posted to by Huston204

Flash sequence codes 1 through 11 are as follows: LED will turn “on”
for 1/4 second and “off” for 1/4 second. This pattern will be repeated the
number of times equal to the code. For example, six “on” flashes equals
a number 6 fault code. All flash code sequences are broken by a 2 second
“off” period.
SLOW GREEN FLASH: Normal operation.
SLOW AMBER FLASH: Normal operation with call for heat.
RAPID RED FLASH: Twinning error, incorrect 24V phasing. Check
twinning wiring.
RAPID AMBER FLASH: Flame sense current is below 1.5 microamps.
Check and clean flame sensor. Check for proper gas flow. Verify that
current is greater than 1.5 microamps at flame current test pad.
4 AMBER FLASHES: The control is receiving a “Y” signal from the
thermostat without a “G” signal, indicating improper thermostat wiring.
1 RED FLASH: This indicates that flame was sensed when there was
not a call for heat. The control will turn on both the inducer motor and
supply air blower. A gas valve that leaks or is slow closing would typically
cause this fault.
2 RED FLASHES: This indicates that the normally open pressure
switch contacts are stuck in the closed position. The control confirms
these contacts are open at the beginning of each heat cycle. This would
indicate a faulty pressure switch or miswiring.
3 RED FLASHES: This indicates the normally open pressure switch
contact did not close after the inducer was energized. This could be
caused by a number of problems: faulty inducer, blocked vent pipe, broken
pressure switch hose or faulty pressure switch.
4 RED FLASHES: This indicates that the main limit switch has opened
its normally closed contacts. The control will operate the supply air
blower and inducer. This condition may be caused by: dirty filter,
improperly sized duct system, incorrect blower speed setting, incorrect
firing rate or faulty blower motor. Also, this fault code could be caused
by a blown fuse located on the control board.
5 RED FLASHES: This fault is indicated if the normally closed contacts
in the rollout switch opens. The rollout control is manually reset. If it has
opened, check for proper combustion air, proper inducer operation, and
primary heat exchanger failure or burner problem. Be sure to reset the
switch and cycle power (24 VAC) to the control after correcting the failure
condition. Also, this fault code could be caused by a blown fuse
located on the control board.
6 RED FLASHES: This indicates that after the unit was operating, the
pressure switch opened 4 times during the call for heat. If the main
blower is in a “Delay on” mode, it will complete it, and any subsequent
delay off period. The furnace will lock out for one hour and then restart.
7 RED FLASHES: This fault code indicates that the flame could not be
established. This no-light condition occurred 3 times (2 retries) during
the call for heat before locking out. Low gas pressure, faulty gas valve,
dirty or faulty flame sensor, faulty hot surface ignitor or burner problem
may cause this. The furnace will lock out for one hour and then restart.
8 RED FLASHES: This fault is indicated if the flame is lost 5 times (4
recycles) during the heating cycle. This could be caused by low gas
pressure, dirty or faulty flame sensor or faulty gas valve. The furnace
will lock out for one hour and then restart.
9 RED FLASHES: Indicates reversed line voltage polarity or grounding
problem. Both heating and cooling operations will be affected. Check
polarity at furnace and branch. Check furnace grounding. Check that
flame probe is not shorted to chassis.
10 RED FLASHES: Flame sensed with no call for heat. Check gas
valve and gas valve wiring.
11 RED FLASHES: This indicates that a primary or auxiliary limit switch
has opened its normally-closed contacts and has remained open for
more than five minutes. This condition is usually caused by a failed
blower motor or blower wheel. Cycle power (24 VAC) to the control to
reset the hard lockout condition after correcting the failure condition.

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28 thoughts on “7 Tips and Tricks to repair your Furnace DIY”

  1. Von Brandnew says:

    Fuse keeps blowing when heat on but not when cool on?🤔

  2. Curtis Tyler says:

    I get no heat. Notice fuse was bloen. Repalced the fuse, but niw no heat comes on…

  3. Curtis Tyler says:

    I need to know what the 5 blinks mean

  4. mikhaiel j says:

    Please google yearly carbon dioxide death rate 💀☠️Buy a a good carbon dioxide detector immediately before some body dies please
    Also mixing batteries in the thermostat is a no no ,
    God bless , stay alive

  5. Dee Foley says:

    very informative video. You nailed the troubleshooting in a short amount of time. Thank you and keep making videos.

  6. Texas Reefer says:

    12/12 HVAC students would agree with your statement "not an expert".

  7. This guy is amazing how he didn't hurt himself yet is unbelievable . Ah flame sensor, ignitor,top motor is the Draft motor learn what your working with.

  8. mwngw says:

    Would you know if a Duomatic Olson furnace has a belt driven blower motor?

  9. Its technical nane is flame sensor.itsuppose to have very good ground cotacts,and not crack on porcelain part,and clean with sponge or finally not working replace it.thanks for your video.

  10. nice job dont mind anyone that is rude

  11. Thank you, this worked just removed the flame sensor, it didnt look dirty but I sanded it anyway with copper pipe sand paper and now my heater is working again, it was turning off and on 3 times while starting it then would stay off. Now it works again God bless. And thank you for the video.

  12. InkedUpHonda says:

    10 years experience. After reading all the comments, please be safe everyone… ‘hundreds of dollars’ to have the issue fixed correctly isn’t worth ones life. Where I’m getting at is you pay a doctor a lot of money to diagnose properly. If you had a bump on your skin you could easily cut it off for free but little did you know that that bump was cancer… and if you would’ve fixed it properly the first time you would have been alive today.

  13. Wild Man says:

    U r goin to get some one seriously injured leave it to the pros stop being a cheap skate and trying to cheat ppl out of work and out of a healthy life u can get electrified and u can have co2 build in a persons home and kill their whole family these machines are dangerous if not serviced by professionals not saying some.young new kid in the field but to have a pro with years of experience check it out and do.the job right

  14. I made a video on how to repair and replace your furnace flame sensor.

  15. Blair Liptak says:

    Do not clean the flame sensor with sandpaper or you will be replacing it you must clean it with something less abrasive like a scotch pad

  16. Alexa Jolie says:

    Great Video! Good Job:)) If you are looking for Furnace repairs in Brampton. Then, I strongly Recommend you LBP Heating and Air Conditioning. Must Visit:-

  17. Chris Gaudig says:

    DUDE!!! You saved me a shit load of money. Flame kept starting but would go out after 10 seconds. Cleaned the heat sensor and now I have heat again. Thanks!! Love Youtube!!!

  18. Thanks, nice video. I hope a lot of people can share knowledge like you did. Thanks again.

  19. also they differ so please get the right one, can use one similar in a pinch, but MUST use right rating ignighter to prevent any future issues

  20. lol USE GOOD MATCHING BATTERIES! add a common wire so it gets powered by the furnace, and lastly clean the flame sensor

  21. Hey thanks a lot for the video. Just moved into a new house and my heater gave out in the dead of winter. After this video I got her running again. Much appreciated.

  22. Shanta Hsieh says:

    You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix.

  23. Yes I hate it when I get electrocuted especially by a piece of duct tape

  24. Phuong Vo says:

    very powerful help me to learn from this video

  25. Mine is natural gas just comes on && sounds like the glow plug has failed idk yet i haven't tried running it with the door off i don't think i even saw a safety switch, its frustrating because before i would just leave it off for awhile && then it would work but now it just makes this humming noise before the glow plug clicks on

  26. Are the Ignitor's and flame sensors universal ? Where can you buy the ignitors and flame sensors ?

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