Watchs SALE All about watches 70 PHOTOS YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE (Historical Images)


Please find below a fantastic collection of photographs chronicling some of the most interesting curiosities that occurred in the history of mankind.

We present a series of images that have marked the history of mankind for its social significance and meaning. Enjoy them!

27 thoughts on “70 PHOTOS YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE (Historical Images)”

  1. Imani Smart says:

    2:15 oh my god! Do u guys not see the poor thing! I want to grab that man's stick cane thing and beat him til he passes out! I don't care if I go to jail! That child is literally skin and bone!

  2. spooky graci says:

    reading those captions hurt my head

  3. Zaoxi says:

    Is no one gonna talk about the picture with Steve jobs, it killed me inside. I compared this photo to the last apple showcase he did and there's such a difference..I feel so awful.

    I used to be an apple fan until he died. They just made the phone worse. No phone Jack my ass. I just switched to the s10 plus last week.

  4. 5:52 was a heartbreaker for me

  5. That German boy is fit

  6. KING DARRY says:

    Hmmm cameras were in 1600’s wwwaaatttt

  7. 0:56 Made me cry, such a great country and it had to end with a restaurant. A great memory due to red and yellow.

  8. ZahrG Gamer says:

    1:27 it says that’s the man with the longest beard died after tripping and breaking her neck. Isn’t he a man?

  9. 3:05 yeah I totally need to see that before I die

  10. Nxzir says:

    Anyone Elses recommended this…. 5 years later.

  11. Spyder says:

    So the man with the longest beard tripped and broke her neck?


  12. Lili Bean says:

    Doctor: you only have a few seconds left to live
    Me: oh no I didn’t watch 70 pho-

  13. The Auschwitz one messed me up inside

  14. This gives me bad vibes 😳🥵🥶

  15. 1v1 me Rust says:

    Bro wtf my heart froze just seeing that 4:11

  16. Swirlli says:

    ,,he died after tripping and breaking her neck"

  17. 1:26 man that broke "her" neck

  18. Mikel Aad says:

    this vid is stolen from another channel

  19. can somebody translate 0:44

  20. Charlie Chaplin is the best actor of comedy

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