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£70,000 Patek Philippe vs £4,000 Omega | Watchfinder & Co.

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Let’s get straight to it—the Patek Philippe 5170P in my right hand is worth almost 20 times as much as the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch in my left. With the Omega clocking an RRP of just over £4,000, that places the 5170P at a whopping £73,000. While some of that cost gets you a platinum case and diamonds on the dial, it’s safe to say that most of it is spent on the bit you don’t often get to see—the calibre CH 29-535 PS movement. But with the Omega carrying a similar hand-wound manual chronograph calibre 1863 movement for a fraction of the price, what are you really getting when you spend all that extra money?

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37 thoughts on “£70,000 Patek Philippe vs £4,000 Omega | Watchfinder & Co.”

  1. for those who have no concern of cost then yes, why not spend for this level of fit and finish? To each his own

  2. I’m sorry I love your videos, but comparing these two is unfair, the gulf in prices is ridiculous! It’s like comparing a golf to a McLaren P1.

  3. Kiss says:

    Ну ясен хуй, Patek Philippe лучше, но он сука и дороже, в правой руке у чувака квартира!

  4. Yazan Elayan says:

    Nothing justifies that cost until and unless those materials were brought from Mars.

  5. For an Amount similar to the omega one can purchase a Breitling M1 Chrono avenger.… I understand it’s kind of like apples and oranges since the Breitling contains a quartz movement.… This is no run-of-the-mill “Movement however, it is the Breitling super quartz movement which has been providing me on the average of one second a month accuracy.… Plus it is water resistant (or waterproof)depending upon your semantics to 1000 m.… In addition the chronographic functions are operable at depth due to its unique magnetic push buttons.… It is also Solid Titanium and therefore very comfortable on the wrist. Black leather strap …..yellow face ….. Great looking watch!

  6. I'm sorry, but "finished by eye exactly" and "sunk by hand for ultimate precision" are just utterly comical phrases when related to modern manufacture.

    Robotic precision outclasses that of even the most skilled human by a margin that is, frankly, laughable. Patek does this work by hand because for $70,000 they are expected to, not because it can't be done by (an outrageously expensive) machine.

  7. There is a reason why when NASA decided to find out which one was the most reliable watch to take to space, Omega was the one they decided to go with. I have a Seamaster that's over 20 years old. Still looks and functions like new. I'm sure the Patek is a beast as well but there is a point of diminishing returns in terms of cost.

  8. Will Hale says:

    😂 Both a waste of money

  9. Sb Sb says:

    Omega is more beautiful.

  10. honestly from your video, i dint find the finishing of the patek to be so astronomically high, but the price definitely a YES. At the end of the day you are paying to keep up the swiss watch making society. At least a 30 day power reserve should come standard on all pateks with a +5 or -5 seconds accuracy. Otherwise better to invest in property development.

  11. David Viner says:

    It sits on your wrist for one reason alone, badge! Everyone has a phone that can tell the time to millisecond accuracy, so you only buy one of these as jewellery, nothing more, they serve no other useful purpose. Might as well buy a diamond bracelet to be honest

  12. Qwerty Man says:

    I thought Rolex is the best what is this Patak Filip watch?

  13. Patek's cost is NOT justified just because every detail is done by hand. Whoever does the work gets paid to do it, and is probably paid handsomely. How does that then translate into absurdly over-inflated mark up, that the consumer then has to pay in order to wear a "Patek"? Will the Patek stand up to the abuse my 16610 Submariner could take? I think not.

  14. PT111111 says:

    Really? The metal brushing at 5:29 would bug the crap out of my OCD as a small portion of the grain run in a different direction. Anyway, even after all that craftsmanship, at least half of that 73k GBP is because of the brand value.

  15. TheKenjoje says:

    wow, how mechanically complicated. use random mobile phone for precise stopwatch. the end.

  16. TheKenjoje says:

    I digress – I recently bought chinese unknown brand watch for 2 and a half euros just for fun 🙂 it is twice as cheap as average watch battery 🙂 for a couple of months it shows only one exact minute more. if it lives through the year, it will make more sense than any luxury watch has ever in the history of mankind….it even looks decent, black round watch with 'alice in wonderland' style numbers….

  17. Luis C says:

    The PP does not justify its price with the mechanical side of things imo. Yes the level of detail is amazing and movement brilliant, but at the end of the day what makes it worth its price is the man hours involved, and the exclusivity. Anyone with a solid job can get 4 grand to spend on a watch, and the speedy is readily available. The PP is about exclusivity, status. That you will have a hard time putting a price on.

  18. YouYouYou!!! says:

    I put my speedmaster on a rolex bracelet and made an Omega Daytona

  19. the Epster says:

    If you’re an ultra wealthy dude you start throwing money down on ultra expensive baubles as it’s no longer of significance. 70K would be thrown away in ten minutes in Las Vegas let alone on a wrist watch.

  20. Patek has always been overpriced, but exclusivity never comes cheap..

  21. The question is, whether the PP shows the time more reliable and precise over the next 30 years or not.

  22. Pio Suh says:

    I've owned 2 x rolex more than 35years and omega planet ocean 12years without any service or repairs but both brand watches are working well so far and quite reliable brands.

  23. J Perez says:

    Patek never made it to the moon

  24. Yes, i can't afford a Patek but still i would like to say that charging 70000 just for heritage is just ridiculous!

  25. TheLiveG says:

    I like that he lowerd the price on the name,
    Youtubers always higher to price on somethink to get more views

  26. Those 2 watches are for a different audience it is not a real comparison..the price is actually ridiculous for both but it is all about branding and status that those things gives u….and both are a decent investment since the hold the value pretty well

  27. chrisSkylin3 says:

    To me the Patek is the watch you get when you own your own company and cruise the rolls Royce down to the golf club for the weekend.

  28. S Sailor says:

    Patek Philippe, historically, made very few inhouse movements. Most of their watches utilised movements made by Girard Perregaux, Jagger LeCoultre and in deed, Lemania, Valjoux and ETA. It is a well known fact, that Patek were till recently, buying in parts from ETA, in the semi finished state, polishing them and then boasting about their manufacturing expertise. In fact, their grossly overpriced perpetual (one year?) calendar time pieces, don't come even close to considerably cheaper 4 year perpetual calendar pieces, made by the likes of Breitling, JLC, or IWC.
    In this case, the Omega Speedmaster is the rugged work horse, designed to be worn daily, practically anywhere. When tuned and adjusted in 6 positions, it is just as accurate, as any Patek Philippe at 20x the Omega price. The movement inside that paricular Omega Speedmaster is made by ETA … and the Omega produces other models in Speedmaster range, that sport the ETA movements with column wheel, coaxial escapement with silicon hair spring, double barrel main springs etc. The Patek Philippe talks the good talk, but has no hope in walking the walk. When it comes to innovation, Patek Philippe is left way behind outfits like Jagger LeCoultre, Breguet, Ulysse Nardin, or Girard Perregaux. And when it comes to exclusivity? There are quite a few small Swiss, French, German and even British watchmakers who make trully unique time pieces at Patek Philippe prices. In majority of cases and contrary to their advertising (generations of ownersip) campaign, you will buy Patek Philippe today, only to find, that six month down the line, it is worth 20% less. Lot of bread, when you consider the £70,000,- price tag.

  29. Rishi Ghosh says:

    Choice of watch depends on how much you value time.

  30. omg literally every speedmaster video comments section is chock-full of old geezers with the "bought my speedmaster back in 1784 and have only had it for service once in the 90's when they replaced the pushers and gave me a new bracelet" story. we get it- it's a great watch that lasts a long time.

  31. How much of that 70k is imputable to the production cost of the watch? 2%? 3%? Maybe stretching it to 5%? The rest goes to marketing, distribution and profit margin for the whole of the distribution chain. So no, not worth it, not by a galactic shot.

  32. the scale of work and intricacy, i would find 45k would be more suitable price. Stunning watch but 70k is way too high for any watch that wasnt owned by a famous influential person. i would pay 70k for that watch (if i had it) only if it used to belong to Stephen Hawking etc

  33. Harambe says:

    I think price justification is personal opinion but you can say that with these watches you get what you pay for

  34. I think only brain dead moronic people pay this sort of money for watches, doesn't matter if you're rich or not

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