Watchs SALE All about watches $8,999 Rolex Watches Vs. Fake Rolex Watches: Don’t Believe The Hype

$8,999 Rolex Watches Vs. Fake Rolex Watches: Don’t Believe The Hype

Complex’s weekly series Don’t Believe the Hype takes a look at what’s hot and what’s just hot air. Sneakers, clothes, tech, food—nothing is safe. On this week’s episode, Speedy and the Complex staff see if one of the most hyped items in hip hop culture – the infamous, shiny Rolex watch – lives up to its $8,999 price tag, when compared to a much, much cheaper bootleg version. Find out in this episode of Don’t Believe the Hype.

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43 thoughts on “$8,999 Rolex Watches Vs. Fake Rolex Watches: Don’t Believe The Hype”

  1. VitalyMack says:

    That fake was a complete piece of crap. Not a good comparison at all.

  2. Michael Horn says:

    The way he tosses both watches around, I'm guessing what he had was a $10 fake vs. a $75 fake.

  3. vighnesh ks says:

    There are fake ones which glide smooth
    I have one

  4. Against a swiss replica (around 300-500 bucks) with a swiss ETA man they wouldn't be able to tell the diff x) and btw to be able to tell the fake ain't the genuine one you basically have to compare it side to side or feel it. That's quite hard to do when you see a rolex on a stranger's wrist. I personally don't give a shit about pretending it's a real one, i have a few omega and rolex watches (spectre, a few seamaster, a rolex gmt batman, waiting for a aqua terra, a submariner classic and a sea dweller to arrive) and when someone asks me i have no problem telling him it's a fake swiss/japanese or chinese watch. I'm just looking for the watch that fits me the best and with which i have the best feeling and then i'll be spending money on the real deal, just don't wanna waste a few thousand bucks on a watch i'll hate or even like less than my replicas and fake ones. That's my point i agree if some people hate my opinion but if you have the money to buy a few Rolex or Omega and you don't care if you don't 100% like the watch i respect that, just don't bother arguing x)

  5. Jose Luis says:

    Lmao “i own a couple of rolexes” this dude looking to see if it blows in the dark LOL

  6. ElNeo9778 says:

    Are Americans all fake humans?

  7. That dude had a Hot Boys shirt on!!!

  8. Pedro Castro says:

    Show the freaking watch idiot

  9. Rana Zikias says:

    Next do a Richard Mille

  10. Chris says:

    So you asked a bunch of people about something they admittedly know nothing about… Cool video, asshat.

  11. I would never buy a fake rolex you can tell look at the features. Rolex are heavy watch.

  12. Ectobisket says:

    Can't you just tell by the weight?

  13. vegass04 says:

    I'm still not convinced.. If they gave them any other brand they wouldn't know shit because 50% of them knew this "Rollies don't tick" BS. Give them 2 Patek Nautilus and watch them squirm.

  14. VVS 6 says:

    I have a fake and a real one sometimes i cant tell i got a good fake tho

  15. For good watch replicas in the UK take a look at this, cheap prices to and the quality is amazing.

  16. Nick Nack says:

    Where are they selling a new 2-tone Submariner for $8k? That's the price of the stainless model.

  17. Chris K says:

    Why would I want to wear watch that everyone thinks is a fake? Thus, I will never put a Rolex on my wrist, no one is gonna believe me anyway.

  18. Guys n gals, the reality about these up-market watches is that the real value is on the inside. The workmanship and hours that goes into the mechanism is sometimes hard to believe, however, almost no one buys them for this reason. They mostly buy for the prestiege. Its not that expensive to make the exact same quality case as an original and thats what ppl see, not the mechanism which is stunning. But long term, I have had my Rolex for 25 years and its still as nice as new and I expect to give it to my grandkids. A fake would break down after few years i guess and not worth repairing i would say.

  19. edwong3 says:

    Believe the hype but not at $8,000.

  20. godfatherNYC says:

    That was pretty much 50/50!

  21. If you would try this with a Swiss super clone you would not be able to tell any difference.. but they do cost 1.000 to 1.500$

  22. XpertVoyage says:

    It’s quite sad how other people make fun of people who can’t afford expensive things.

    Like my brother was soooooo happy when he bought his 1st ever pair of fake yeezys. He started to get bullied. So I stepped in and delt with the situation. I exposed the bully for picking on little kids who can’t afford things like yeezys and he ended up apologising. After that I bought my brother a real pair of yeezys. And the bully’s went away.

  23. boimackhead says:

    The heavier one is always real

  24. If it glows in the dark lol that doesn't mean shit.

  25. Fucking dumb Rolex do tick but it ticks 8 tciks per second and some rplexes do tick slow.

  26. Austin West says:

    Can someone plz link me the best quality for the cheapest price rolex website. I want it to be the same weight as a real one and look exactly the same without the insane price thank you!

  27. "SLAM" the watches together at 0:16. Scratches stupid?

  28. How unprofessional and tacky "BANGING" the watches together.

  29. Real millionaires(those with high NET WORTH) don’t buy Rolex watches only the glittering rich(those with $30000000 or more in NET WORTH) and aspirationals(those with high incomes but low NET WORTH)
    Buy shit like that.

    For those who don’t understand what net worth is it is the value of all assets minus the total of all liabilities
    Or owned minus owed = net worth. Research the famous person that you see wearing Rolex watches you will find that they have either a super high net worth or are actually not as rich as you think they are.

  30. Ryan Utz says:

    Use a $1,300 swiss made fake. You cant even tell when you take it apart.

  31. austin C says:

    So your gonna pay $7500 more for A watch cause its heavier and cause the ticking is not as loud, its a watch, your phone has a clock on it why do you even need a watch anymore, nobody is looking at your $8000 watch and is like great decision it looks awesome, their thinking look at this douchebag with an $8000 watch or their trying to figure out how to rob your dumbass

  32. Bla Blupp says:

    if they see the hands "ticking", they picked up a low end 10 bucks canal street pcs of shiate instead of a high and replica.
    sry that you didnt had the balls to do a fair comparison.
    With a nice replica none of them can tel which is real or a replica. it takes a real expert to tell but none of them ppl in your office cant. its just guessing with a 50/50 chance.

  33. I like complex, but as a watch enthusiast, this just hurts

  34. If you really don't understand replicas or the difference between one at the near $50.00 level and one at the $250.00 – $450.00 level, or that you should never buy any sort of gold plated watch of any type and probably not a PVD one either… well, you're lost to start with. And besides that, most of you probably couldn't afford the five year periodic maintenance on a genuine Rolex and would be too cheap to have a COA done on your replica.

  35. why don't rolexes tick? is it like that for all?

  36. Thank god for the fake Rolex ,i say buy it and save the money .

  37. skyjordan7 says:

    Someone's boss had a good time showing off his watch… his workers are clueless about that watch.

  38. S.A Tech says:

    I have a fake rollie but I like flexin what I don't have so f*** it

  39. How you know the real one real rolex stores sell the fake ones now too😂😂

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