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AC/DC – Thunderstruck (Official Video)

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The Razors Edge
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About the album:
AC/DC cracked the seal on the ’90s with one of the best riffs of their career. That would be “Thunderstruck,” the opening track on The Razors Edge. In addition to “Thunderstruck,” the band brought out “Moneytalks,” probably the closest they ever came to writing a pop song. Then there was “Are You Ready” – one of their fiercest calls to action. The gritty edge and booming chants on this album were a welcome reminder for a new generation that pure, unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll was alive and well.

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24 thoughts on “AC/DC – Thunderstruck (Official Video)”

  1. ElBenito97 says:

    Mi class' girls say reggaeton is better than this. I decided i want to die being a virgin

  2. ValeRocks says:

    484Million reproductions! Awesome!!! this is how youtube should be used 🤘🏼😜🤘🏼

  3. Sharkus says:

    My friend played this for his wife, now they have kids.

  4. I played this to a thunderstorm and it is now a hurricane

  5. What's up with the i played this for my and all?

  6. Note to producer: don't put cameras on drumsticks

  7. IAN DICKSON says:

    One of there best ac/ dc the music says it all

  8. Dape says:

    Legends never die

  9. I played to Ryan Reynolds

    Now he’s Deadpool

  10. I played this for Wall-E, he's a terminator now.

  11. I played this song to my xbox, now it's PS4

  12. This is my favorite song 😁😁😁😁👍🏻

  13. I played this for my grandpa, now I am a grandpa playing for my childs

  14. Sorry for your voice😔😔😔

  15. J'habite un village qui dit q aussi ce qu'il y a faire dans ta vie. Aime manger d'abord et la Plagne si t'as envie d'aller skier. Attention c'est grand. Thunderstruck.

  16. Koen Wulf says:

    at 1.25x speed it is way better

  17. Elide Dencel says:

    I played this to my Pikachu. Now he's violent

  18. Nayelon says:

    Some Japanese fishermen heard this song

    Turned their boat into the Yamato and had enough leftover material to build the entire Japanese Naval Air force.

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