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Affordable Complicated Watches

In this video, I would like to address the ever-growing market of affordable timepieces with complications such as power reserve indicators, moonphases and secondary timezones from brands such as Oris, Seiko and Nomos.

Watches Featured:
Seiko Cocktail Time Power Reserve ref. SSA341, SSA343, SSA345, SSA346
Seiko Presage Enamel Multi-Hand Automatic
Christopher Ward C9 Moonphase
Nomos Tangente Datum Gangreserve
Oris Artelier Complication

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24 thoughts on “Affordable Complicated Watches”

  1. Jack Wakeman says:

    I really enjoy all your videos, Watch Guy, but I feel dizzy when you move an image ever so slowly across the screen or enlarge it at the same pace. I know your intention is to make the video dynamic, as opposed to the static nature of a still image … but anyway, thanks a lot.

  2. "nearest celestial body we have in our night sky" lol

  3. Preowned Glashutte Originals are an absolute bargain, but still not inexpensive.

  4. The Nomos is such an orgasmic piece even to just look at, alas I can only afford the first Seiko…

  5. Nice list, but I'm surprised you didn't mention the Omega Speedmaster.

  6. Kito says:

    wonderful review.
    seiko is a very gd watch.

  7. Scott Rivkin says:

    Surprised with the choice of the Seiko Presage(? SPBB045) over the Seiko Presage SARD011 Retrograde with Urushi Dial in terms of insanely nice affordable watches with complications, though i could just be biased. It's really stunning.

  8. How much does this watch cost

  9. wysiwyg248 says:

    Not sure if someone commented this, both Seiko have a power reserve dial that is backwards. It should go from full power (Top position) to zero (Low position). Not so good.

  10. The '2' in the date window of the Nomus should match the '2' on the dial, but for no obvious reason, it doesn't. I expect more of the attention to detail you attribute to this watch for £2580. Design-wise, I think the numbers should be either identical or more different, not nearly the same.

  11. Ben rodts says:

    What is the intro watch?

  12. Fit OutPost says:

    I also like Oris better than any other (but nevertheless stunning) timepieces.
    "Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment."

  13. Seiko really nailed it on the Cocktail Time with that power reserve. Doesn't get any better at that price ringe. Im a fan!

  14. HucaPuca says:

    Okay, now some actually AFFORDABLE 😀

  15. Canon Yeo says:

    Seiko is the best value for money anytime. Good video as always.

  16. The , Nomos , looks beautiful

  17. Denis Hood says:

    Bravo. Sincere thanks for the effort you put into your videos

  18. Armand, Thanks for all the information. Just one question, do you have the Model # for the Seiko Presage Enamel MH Auto? Thanks

  19. sanjursan says:

    I almost like the first Seiko. The killer for me is the "sales brochure" text, in different fonts yet, on the dial. Really, does it have to say "POWER RESERVE?" and "AUTOMATIC?"

  20. Tim Gore says:

    Excellent video, Armand! Those are some stunningly beautiful watches.

  21. 45mm diameter on the Presage = Eisenhower rolling in his grave because his dollar coin is only 38.1mm

  22. Blue Christopher Ward moonphase is my pick. very nice!

  23. Jim Jim says:

    I can't see the Christopher Ward C9 moon phase for sale anywhere, how is it affordable if it cannot be bought?

  24. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on the "SRQ023" seiko, with in house 8R45 movement, and it's Gourgous Enamel dial.
    Seiko also do the Credor range and the flagship grand seiko .

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