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All NEW Buffs, Nerfs, and Mechanic Changes in Smash Ultimate

maybe part 2 coming later on

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48 thoughts on “All NEW Buffs, Nerfs, and Mechanic Changes in Smash Ultimate”

  1. Ryko says:

    How is FF fair to short hop on Fox stupid but not Falco dair which ruins lives

  2. Did lucario get a buff or a nerf?

  3. Vegas Curie says:

    Robin looks much faster.

  4. SLG64 says:

    Hey! Fack Q man! To be fair, that player wasn't playing all that great to be honest.

  5. Samuel Polk says:

    I’ve heard that meta knight has a longer range on dimensional cape. Also he has a new final smash.

  6. 5:43 I think that was because of the cart

  7. All these tweaks and changes and some of us cross that we don't have trophies…

  8. The fuck? They buffed Diddy, but nerfed Bowser Jr? That’s fucking bull shit! While I’m glad to see my boi Falco get some much needed buffs, it’s saddening that my man B.J. got destroyed so hard. He may have better frame data, but speed doesn’t mean much when you get outraged by people with similar and even sometimes better frame data. Why, Sakurai? Why? And why buff Diddy?! He was already top tier, and his banana was already annoying, so why make it MORE annoying? Might as well buff Cloud’s limit to give him unlimited speed, or make all of Bayo’s moves come out on frame 1…

  9. Navi says:

    ma boi luigi, got nerfed to little mac tier of recovery….

  10. Aetheri says:

    I'm pretty sure I heard Meta Knight's warp travels farther and his cyclone moves a lot faster but only hits once…

  11. Geeving says:


  12. Leo Klaus says:

    yoshi up-air looks worse :/

  13. Nero Fiorano says:

    was thinking for falco it'd be cool if they could make his nair last longer, like bayos

  14. Falco has his brawl Dair more like.

  15. Mango says:

    Falco is better now? Falco and Fox have never been my cup of tea, not even in Brawl, but I might consider playing Falco now!

  16. Mike S says:

    Please do part 2

  17. clydeguy says:

    Falco looks sick, but wht about tht marth clip at the beginning!?! MARTH LOOOOOOKS DOPEEEEE!

  18. Alexi Wright says:

    That duck hunt hit a box and the box helped kill

  19. Avi says:

    jab doesnt go forward making her not have good way of stage control and in 1v1 its 11 sec to get luma back,you cant up air to up air either and nair is worse,she def nerfed

  20. Clown Report says:

    How is nobody talking about Bayo tho

  21. mariofan649 says:

    Falco dair that good and all but what about his taunts

  22. Ace Leader9 says:

    Actually rosa only gets Luma back in 7 seconds in free for alls, in 1v1 she gets him back in 12 to 13

  23. Sp0okeh says:

    is Falco's D-Air really melee's?!!!

  24. average joe says:

    Meta knight’s down b goes farther

  25. Entinty says:

    0:38 it's not like how it was in melee, he doesn't have the melee dair.. CLICK BAIT

  26. Entinty says:

    0:38 it's not like how it was in melee, he doesn't have the melee dair.. CLICK BAIT

  27. Doubledasher says:

    F for Bowser Jr.

    Why would they make a bottom 5 character so much worse? My god I feel so bad for all Jr players, you guys need a hug

  28. HalloFrame says:

    So here's a thing that I'm sure no one is looking at. Pichu's fall speed is faster than Pikachus. At 1st I thought Pichu just had better air mobility or they both had a buff in that area, but after seeing that battle (from the Green Greens clip) I can't help but notice how Pichu drops so fast. I also thought he was heavier, but that might just be a property of being a "fastfaller".

  29. Nitro Nexus says:


  30. Raian Pia says:

    His laser and shine still sucks

  31. BluPrintDHD says:

    Some of Duck Hunts actual changes
    -Can now do moves out of up special
    -Duck is no longer a hurtbox
    -Reduced lag on side b and down b
    -Reduced lag on fair and nair
    -Duck hunt now can now hit his own can in the air

  32. LMAO what? No. It's close to Brawl's Dair. I don't want to see Melee Falco's dair in Smash ever again.

  33. as long as spikes aren't as broken as in melee
    "oh i hit you with a spike at 0% at the top of the largest map guess you'll die now"

  34. NaJk93 says:

    You realize that duck hunts can is the same as in smash 4. And its not his dash attack that kills falco. Its the red box…

  35. Dr. G&W says:

    Ye gods no
    This is disinformation
    RosaLuna didn’t get any nerfs? HAVE YOU SEEN LUMA JAB?
    Ok this video is bad

  36. Bass says:

    Rosalina? Sure give her less time for luma to respawn so it’s even more annoying. Bowser jr? Destroy him. Absolutely murder him

  37. Geek Diddy says:

    Luma actually takes 10 seconds to respawn. Not 7. But it's still better than smash 4. Another thing, I noticed that Luma gets knock off more easily in ultimate. To give you an idea, Daisy's jab can knock Luma away with her jab when luma hasn't took any damage. It doesn't do that in smash 4 with peach. So Luma will respawn more often but it will die more often as well. I got all that here:

  38. Getsuga says:

    This game will be in 60fps, wont it?

  39. Monkeh King says:

    Advise for future videos: editing

  40. Wiley says:


    That dAir movement above the platform was slick, just wanted a way to replay it.

  41. Ether Ace says:

    Ive wanted chrom for so long. I will still play him even if he trash. But pls make him better 😂

  42. At 5:40, you mentioned DHD's dash attack on Falco.
    I don't think it was the dash attack that killed. I believe that was the rolling cart that did the massive hit

  43. Nairo has a good point: everyone was complaining about ZSS's boobs getting smaller, but it's actually a buff because her hurtbox isn't as big lol

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