Watchs SALE All about watches Antique Clock Repair course for a beginner. video DVD

Antique Clock Repair course for a beginner. video DVD



Music playing on the video preview is for preview only, not on the actual DVD video.

If you want to enjoy antique clocks as a hobby, repair your collection or start a clock repair business, this DVD course is for you. Learn clock repair with this video course. A course manual is included! Watch, study and learn antique clock repair through DVD course instruction using actual live repairs! The video clip you are viewing here is a preview of the 4+ hour course on 4 DVDs. Tick Tock Productions.

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10 thoughts on “Antique Clock Repair course for a beginner. video DVD”

  1. usscott says:

    Really I have been lucky enough to get clocks cheap at estate sales that need a little time spent on them. I got a 400 day Elgin anniv. clock three weeks ago and I have adjus eight dollars and I have adjusted the speed and it is keeping time with quartz clock. I have an Ingraham Adraian from April 1911 for three dollars which the movement works great but the case had been glued back together out of square. Work in progress. I will try your dvds.

  2. usscott says:

    I started years ago with no formal training and I am a master at this stuff. I can disassemble any type clock or watch no problem. Lol.

  3. methevas2 says:

    HEY! he is not trying to teach you his lesson! Obviously he is advertising his dvd. if you want to listen and learn then buy it! Of course hes not teaching it right now…these are sample scenes.

  4. adam clark says:

    turn the little screw on the pendulum anticlockwise about half a turn for each minute lost in 24 hours. if no screw then pull/push leaf down about half inch for every five mins

  5. My Black Forest Cuckcoo Clock's time is running fast, how can I slow it down

  6. wayne m says:

    how do you re thread the chain back around the gears in the back. i have a black forest cuckoo clock. really need the help.

  7. Cool video, My pendulm only moves 30 clicks and stops? What did I do wrong?

  8. TheTarrMan says:

    were could i go to learn more about

  9. inkey2 says:

    OK….you sold me….I am a self taught watch maker and have no problems taking apart and cleaning/repairing an old manual wind "Omega"….but for some reason "clocks" always seemed too "mystical" and difficult for me to try.

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