Watchs SALE All about watches Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

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WE broke our iMac Pro… But then we tried to PAY Apple to repair it. They REFUSED. Come with us on a journey of frustration…

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34 thoughts on “Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro”

  1. Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!

  2. Ken G says:

    Maybe you should reach out to Samsung. They probably made the display anyhow.

    Also, being in supply chain I recall how the pump industry overpriced pump parts to the point it would cost 3 times as much to buy the parts and fix the pump in-house as opposed to sending the pump out to an authorized dealer having them repair it. Why? There is less money to be made in just selling parts with a 10 to 20 percent markup. So they overpriced them. The same could be going on here. Apple wants you to buy a new one. More money for them. Apple is criminal yet people eat them up.

  3. nxios says:

    That's because they are lazy dumbasses who probably don't know anything about computers.

  4. someone says:

    don't buy apple products they break to easily

  5. 10k people are Apple Employees

  6. Quinn Olsen says:

    Two ads in one video

  7. Apple sucks
    I will use windows
    * Actually I have already use windows *

  8. Javice W says:

    wow, just wow!!! apple at it's finest hue hue hue

  9. I plugged my iPhone on charge over night when I woke up I found the phone had exploded when I contacted them like wtf they said it was suppose to do that I will never but Apple products again

  10. PulseBeat_02 says:

    There is a reason for why they won’t accept broken products and a reason why you can’t but the software. It’s for monopoly.

  11. I got my Apple Tree V yesterday poor v shaped tree

  12. Cmon apple step it up how are people support your company if you cant even include a fast charger in the iphone x so what are the purpose of the fast charging dont be a money head.

  13. well, apple sounds pretty overrated to me. lots of hype and extremely stupid prices for what they are now. I just ordered a new Laptop for less than half the price of what its equivalent would be in macbook pro. I am starting to think about changing phones too on my next phone. I do not want to continue giving money to apple

  14. It is actually BS like this is why I don't buy Mac products. I own it, I should be allowed to do what I want with it, but if I mess it up, I should be allowed to pay a certified tech to repair it.

  15. S G says:

    Don't buy apple products
    Fuck apple

  16. Andrew J says:

    Im just very happy not ever buying apple products.

  17. if you like anthony, then you need to encourage him to lose weight. he is a ticking time bomb.

  18. Hp4 says:

    apples are apples , windows make computers

  19. systim30 says:

    Thats because apple rips off their customers on a daily basis

  20. Musky Beaver says:

    this is way old but ill put my input based on what i know working for the company- the fact you did a diy repair or upgrade to the device its self and damaged it upon your repair you voided apples commitment to repair any or all hardware for your device even if your willing to shell out of pocket costs its just really a legality issue when it comes to this because apple doesnt want to have any fault at the reapir and be accused of anything so better to decline the repair but i fully agree that this way of business is not acceptable and need to be revised and expanded to create an equal and fair ability to get stuff repaired for the customer

    long time viewer love the vids keep it up and ill do what i can to give ya more insite on what ik from working with them
    hope it helped

  21. Meow Warrior says:

    This is why android is better

  22. Okay i get you wanna make a video complaining about Apple and the problems you've had but why fill it with ads and cringy af acting

  23. Stop buying Apple, it's that simple. Apple died with Jobs. This Apple today, sucks royal donkey balls – used to be a professional Apple User – now, I'm a professional user of anything that isn't from Cook's Apple.

  24. Aaron Morgan says:

    Switch to Microsoft surface studio

  25. stochastic24 says:

    7 milion people now know never to buy an apple product.

  26. Steve is ranting in heaven…

  27. weeeju says:

    so what were your guys doing reassembling a machine with the power still connected?

  28. Mr Me says:

    and apple gets the last bite
    f them

  29. Mordor Fish says:

    I'm lovin' it, watching 3rd time already lmao

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