Watchs SALE All about watches Apple Watch – Is it actually Sapphire?

Apple Watch – Is it actually Sapphire?

Diamond testing the Apple Watch.
$15 Diamond Tester –

Various “watch people” expressed concern that the Apple Watch may feature inferior materials. I decided to test the Apple Watch in an effort to uncover the truth.

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27 thoughts on “Apple Watch – Is it actually Sapphire?”

  1. jk lo says:

    Seriously, no hat!

  2. Wtf dude choked on some ghost dick at the beginning!! 😂 tell that ghost to quit playing man 🤣

  3. 2019 i just noted he got an apple notch hair style ! Maybe apple copy the notch from Unbox thereapy.

  4. It's full of knowledge

  5. You guys need to subscribe to Drew binsky's youtube channel . It's awesome. Trust me.

  6. Gaming Wolf says:

    Anyone notice that his hair looks like a notch

  7. malik jett says:

    Boi look at dat hair line

  8. DanproudTM says:

    I wish the apple watch glass is made out of titanium

  9. It is as strong as glass so jeah

  10. Bro just watch jerryrigeverything it is sapphire but a less strong version

  11. jp says:

    6 and a half min video for a 2 second test dummy

  12. Mr. Daddy says:

    Actually sapphire has been in Apple iPhone camera's for a few years already

  13. Dejf Krmela says:

    Just check a hardness level rofl. It's a basic glass containing sapphire. Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

  14. What? Is not even pure lol

  15. Hi. You could ask JerryRigEverything to give you some tools for a scratching very good on this kind of things.

  16. Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch?

    Tell me down below!

  17. Dont let this distract from the fact that SixNine got his diamonds tested and they were fake 😂👏

  18. Broexpert 1 says:

    Did you know the home buttons from the 5s to 8 is also Safire crystal

  19. Hey Lew Do You Still Have That Apple Watch Sport Glass I Need To Replace My Series 0.

  20. Rian James says:

    The diamond led will actually illuminate if it was reading as a diamond, the "sensitivity" is actually just volume for the built in speaker, anything sapphire will read up to the 8 mark. We use similar Diamond testers in the jewelry business, a tad more high tech ones but they all operate very similar.

  21. It scratches at level 6 just like glass… look at other videos. Apple just baited you costumers.

  22. JerryRig's testing is way better tho, using Mohs picks makes more sense because it's supposedly unscratchable; pure sapphire or not, Apple marketed it as as more scratch resistant, but his test found that Apple actually uses very little sapphire on their devices and mix them with glass, making it just as scratchable as normal tempered glass.

  23. Can you do a review of the leiqa q camera please

  24. franz jjfkf says:

    aluminiumoxide 9.5

  25. aryan thapa says:

    Can you test MENTION EZIL watch?

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