Watchs SALE All about watches Apple Watch Series 3: 6 months later

Apple Watch Series 3: 6 months later

What’s good, what’s bad: We revisit Apple’s newest smartwatch in 2018. Read Scott’s original full review on the Apple Watch Series 3 on CNET:

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49 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 3: 6 months later”

  1. We can only us an apple watch with an iPhone ?

  2. I would be an Apple watch if it worked with my BlackBerry Key2

  3. Hazem Tamimi says:

    110218 unread mail?! Dude you should do something for this…

  4. 1. I bought an iPhone.

    2. I felt the screen was small so reading was hard.

    3. I bought an iPad 6th gen

    4. I wanted to switch out my iPhone for a one plus 6.

    5. I realised my iPad would be useless without my iPhone.

    6. I was gifted an Apple Watch series 3.

    7. Now I’m stuck in the ecosystem 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. iGamerindia says:

    U have bradycardia 😅 ?

  6. I totally agree they need a watch face store. I also wish they sold a lighter, cheaper, thinner version without all the bio monitors.

  7. Sylvia Lopez says:

    Stop using the word "weird", WHO ISN'T WEIRD?!?! We humans are not mass produced.

  8. I have series 3 with cellular however i have chosen not get the series 4 with cellular and just go with gps version. i haven't really used the cellular feature.

  9. Love my apple watch couldn't be without it!

  10. Bay Real says:

    Something is wrong!!! Another technology got people depending on it like it's they life line

  11. I like you. I like your review. This has helped me decide on whether I NEED an Apple Watch, or I just WANT one. You cover all the issues I needed to know about; and you are just super likeable. Thank you

  12. Stainless steel silver or black? 🙂

  13. Wish it'd work with Android phones…

  14. LesSshy says:

    how about showing how it makes a phone call????

  15. L. Townsend says:

    Take a picture with your phone of things you want as a watch face.

  16. Laura Meza says:

    Thanks for the review!

  17. Nick S says:

    How many people want an Apple Watch but don’t have an iPhone? Zero point zero.

  18. P Hope M says:

    Hubby got me 1 for Christmas. I didn’t ask for it, hard to figure out with no instructions. Until you get use to it. I recently went hiking & put a scratch on it & then looked again, & it cracked😱 do you know that is not covered & it will now cost me almost the same amount to buy the replacement cover “plastic” to almost buy a new watch!🤮 I do “Not” like I have to charge it every night. 😡 I’m looking at going back to fitbit🧐

  19. My Iphone died and I bought an Android phone…Now, my apple watch is a piece of junk as I can't pair it with any other device. I can't even pair it with my iPad nor mac..Seriously Apple ??? you are a trashy company.. Never going to throw my money on you anymore.

  20. It is an excellent fitness Smartwatch, with more non-fitness features than any other fitness tracker / Smartwatch I know. However, this comes at an incredibly high price, so if you do not need all of its features, try Fitbit watches . It also only works with iPhones , Fitbits work with android and Apple and windows

  21. Watch faces are so important, I wished they'd open that up. I only have one watch face that I like for my Pebble Round, but that's thing, you need a number to pick from to find that one … and if you are a fan boy/girl then surely there are niche faces you'd love (Star Trek or what have you).

  22. Ken Koizumi says:

    I think it's just the battery life…

  23. Ricky says:

    Your 110k unread emails gave me anxiety

  24. Ph0 Real says:

    Whats with reviewers and unanswered e-mails?

  25. il wait for the one that charges with wrist movement ! thanks!

  26. Kirritz zz says:

    dude, no. no. you know where you lied, we all do.

  27. edjk00 says:

    Hell. The hey Siri set timer for 10 minutes part activated my HomePod. Thanks!

  28. Most ppl who have the Apple Watch have iPhone they have the iPhone first then think of getting an Apple Watch

  29. Check your email every once in awhile…

  30. German R says:

    Apple Watch and a gear are like Rolex in the smartwatch industry

  31. Donald Kamei says:

    One of the best smart watch in our planet ! I always love Apple things , iphone , watch , tab etc !!
    It has a uniqueness people love to use it !!
    Always longing great things in the days to come !
    Big fan from INDIA 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  32. imahaingtia says:

    Am I the only person who cares about flights climbed? After two weeks I sent my Apple Watch 3 back because at best it was only ever 80% accurate at counting flights climbed. Ordered another one and if it doesn’t work, it’s going back too. Maybe Apple Watch Series 4 will be better.

  33. You can create watch faces from any picture in your camera roll on your phone.

  34. David Romero says:

    Is it worth buying the Apple watch just I can use the music feature

  35. MsAsia555 says:

    This was a really good review

  36. If you like smart watches i think you have only 3 rational options. If you have little bit more money, Apple Watch, the other 2 options are amazfit pace and stratos, and amazfit bip

  37. SJ Ramos says:

    Nice and sincere review. Thank you

  38. love mine great for working out

  39. What's weird about wearing watches day and night ? I do it as well. Good review man, keep it up.

  40. Dean Botton says:

    I 100% agree. It needs to be a stand alone product. I hate that it is linked to my phone (when my iPhone is in my pocket & im talking on the watch, my nuts are being radiated by my phone)

  41. Peter I says:

    using it for close to three years with the price of the cellular connection doubles the price of owning the watch. pass!

  42. Basically the same watch with just a little tweak from the 1st version. Will not upgrade.

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