Watchs SALE All about watches Asmongold Watches “Activision’s Rising Influence Over Blizzard & A New Low For The WoW Store”

Asmongold Watches “Activision’s Rising Influence Over Blizzard & A New Low For The WoW Store”

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32 thoughts on “Asmongold Watches “Activision’s Rising Influence Over Blizzard & A New Low For The WoW Store””

  1. Activision is the worst. Just let blizzard make games.

  2. Blizzard the company still exists. It is wholly owned by Activision. With both CFO'S gone, accounts will be shifted over to Activision and one CFO most likely will oversee the duty on the Activision side.

    This happens when a company want to polish up the balance sheet of a wholly owned company and put it on the market.

  3. It's not just about artificial scarcity, it's about controlling the timing so the balance sheet looks they way they want. The calendar matters!

  4. ZekeMagnum says:

    Please for the love of God shave off that neck beard

  5. pumabart10 says:

    Hey everyone let me tell you about a scam I used to do to everyone to make a quick buck. Oh yea blizzards doing the same thing. Am I the only one that sees this is hypocrisy at its finest? What goes around comes around buddy. Just sucks for you that you have to pay actual money. And for those of you who say the circumstances are different, I agree. But the intent is identical.

  6. C LaF says:

    World of Warcraft, Already turning into Everquest after it turned into garbage. RIP RIP

  7. If you hate blizzard why are you playing dumb ass?? I totally agree with the guest speaker though.

    On a side note the owner of this channel gives no value to the YouTube video and looks like a jack ass with that facial hair haha.

  8. Zach Mcbride says:

    I quit wow and,play,eso wayyyyy better like wayy

  9. Paul Newton says:

    5:25 That description of the auction house shuffle con is a great analogy for these bullshit marketing scarcity scams selling themselves to solve a non-problem artificially created for the marketing campaign itself!

  10. HeK says:

    People still play this game?

  11. I use my gold to resub, I am not paying them another cent for the foreseeable future. I just don't enjoy the game anymore, I log in once a day to do my 4 world quests and I log off. That's it. Wow, end game.

  12. Kotel says:

    I miss crafting gear for my level 40 warlock. I hate running bull shit on my level 120 monk. Peace bliz

  13. I think blizzard is making the right move by trimming all this fat wow became great because at one point in time wow was the main focus. blizzard then became bigger and out streached their sources to create more product thus taking away from wow. now that blizzard is start to trim the fat i fully expect wow will get more of the attention as it has been its overall best game and made blizzard what it is.

  14. zac hannaman says:

    Pretty easy solution lol just don’t play wow lol

  15. JIM Husky says:

    Wow players are nerds and they smell this shit all the way… but is ok as long the game is ok… but is it ok now?

  16. Erwoul says:

    Don't you guys have phones ?

    Wow mobile coming out

  17. Coder Paul says:

    BFA actually made me resub first time since Pandaria. Today's bigger companies pretty much data driven and that provides them with better decision making overall, product development included.

  18. Ehh I played up to Pandaria but LK was still best expansion for me 😮

  19. Meme Patrol says:

    Lets all be real, Lich king was the last time we all enjoyed wow and thats probably abit of a stretch

  20. Hanz Fenzel says:

    blizzard will be reorganized into the fist galactic empire! to ensure peace and security

  21. Winston says:

    World of Disneycraft

  22. Hey hey hey – just remember – the old boys brought you WoD. 🙂
    Which to be fair was innovative and fun for the first month.
    Ok, it was better than BFA. But still.

  23. turner payan says:

    What npc scam do you use? Mine stopped working..

  24. got my meat wagon mount but where is warcraft 3 reforged

  25. on3trackmind says:

    You were right. All along

  26. Glassbreaker says:

    Money, money, money, money. Money! ♪♫

    I hate this new world of microtransactions from game industry.

  27. Honestly, I can't believe players kept going with this game past Wrath; even WotLK was when Blizzard began to turn WoW into a Tonka toy (gutting classes/skill trees.) Cata was the introduction of the personal induction of the players into the ranks of the legendary heroes of Azeroth, Mists was a buy-in to Chinese markets and beyond that it doesn't even resemble the game I started playing in the open beta.

    There are a wide variety of other MMOs (LOTRO, FFXIV, ESO, EQII, Legends of Aria, EVE Online) that have remained dedicated to their players (players been the lifeblood of the MMO business.) If you are currently playing WoW, as an old raid healer, stop giving Blizzard your money for a game which is a shadow of its former self. They're not worth it anymore.

  28. Az, as an old guy losing his hearing, pause. don't comment over. yet, (means but) Agree 100% Subbed.

  29. Warthlock says:

    It’s not blizzard or activ it’s the ppl that support the company you think they could make it this far without the ppl and fans ? No the day all stop support them they will improve. Blizzard don’t give a shit because they know ppl/fans will pay them for shitty updates they make billions of dollars because ppl buy there games and pay game time for wow. If blizzard just made a shitty game with a cool trailer ppl will go oooohhhh niiiccceeee and pick your credit card and throw money for the company ppl/fans are to brain dead to see that they need to stop buy the games and supporting. instead of crying and complaining why don’t you ppl do something about it instead ? Ppl blame ackti wen tons of ppl still buying there shitty games cod 4 destiny 2 all the shit expansions and then they go oh this was bad games well it’s to let son you’ve already paid us the money we tricked you for and this happens every time unending circle that’s why they don’t give a fuck about the community as long as they get the money it’s ok for them. This is a fact so blame yourself instead of blaming the company. Just stop support blizzcon/the whole company

  30. ArticalWolf says:

    Except even dead, HotS is still much better than WoW. It's just not as popular and doesn't milk as much cash from the sheeps for Blizzard. But it is a better game and it has a much more entertaining eSport. Blizzard killed it because they didn't know how to make money with it.

  31. BOBONOPOLI says:

    its called fear of loss.

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