Watchs SALE All about watches Authorized Rolex Watch Service & Repair Center In London

Authorized Rolex Watch Service & Repair Center In London

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Adi Soon for aBlogtoWatch interviews Jamie Hardes, a watchmaker at an important Rolex watch service center in London, England.

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28 thoughts on “Authorized Rolex Watch Service & Repair Center In London”

  1. Lisa B says:

    I want to send my Rolex in for servicing can I have the info and instructions of how to send it in

  2. True2022 says:

    Does nt show in the video but the building he's sat in cost £1.15 bn .Apartments at One Hyde Park start at £20m.
    I'm guessing servicing Rolex brings em in a few quid ,

  3. Vadim Don says:

    Is this a standard rolex service. Are you a rolex authorised repair/service center. Can I vring my watch to you for a service thanks

  4. Sb Sb says:

    3-5 years? Rolex must be a lousy softy. Damn. 😞

  5. Won Honglo says:

    Overrated, overpriced, overpretentious.

  6. Won Honglo says:

    You can save yourself a lot of money by spraying the movement of your Rolex watch with WD-40 until it runs clear, then shake it a bit before you put the case back on.

  7. Super Dude says:

    3 and 5 years lol.

  8. okumonux says:

    Service it EVERY YEAR so that I can make much money! New gaskets after 6/7 years, a service probably every 10 years or when things "go wrong". And after the service the customer is suprised that it looks like new; looks like new but it is heavily polished. 😉

  9. How do I know they don’t put Fake parts in my Rolex !? 🤔😅

  10. INSTAFIT says:

    i think they changed the service time to 10 years now

  11. Prezado senhor, tenho interesse em manter contato com com os senhores,vocês tem um site, e-mail ou telefone que possa me informar. Desde já agradeço pela gentileza. Abraço fraterno!!
    Dear Sir, I am interested in keeping in touch with you, you have a website, email or telephone that can inform me. Thank you in advance for your kindness. Fraternal hug!!

  12. Niall Murray says:

    I could definitely think of worse jobs to have!..and on Hyde park too.. Nice 🙂

    Very interesting too see, thank you

  13. elmin2323 says:

    I have 2 breitlings both which have broken within 6 months of ownership def buying a Rolex next

  14. elmin2323 says:

    10 years service now!

  15. They must use cheap metal

  16. Peter Black says:

    i love the ap watches

  17. Tank gunna says:

    rolexes or any automatic movement watch r status symbols they r not practical or dependable movements quartz and digital r the most accurate if you r going to war or facing apocalyptic or intense social callapse a solar casio gshock will b my watch it keeps time month yr day and it can take anything.

  18. safewaycart says:

    There are several degrees of complexity in Rolex movements – more complex movements (chronographs for example) are prone to functioning problems, when less simple one (without date) doesn’t require much attention. If you ask what is the time period you are expected to service the watch, the right answer is that it depends on the type of Rolex you have.

  19. H says:

    How do you stay motivated to make sure every Single customer's Rolex is properly serviced?

    I have experienced screwed up service before

  20. Marc Taylor says:

    Where can I get those exploded drawing posters of the rolexs shown in the background? Great video!

  21. Rolex has deservedly acquired a brand image that involves quality, style, arttistry and durability.

    It is true that 'modern' technologies have advantages and there may well be minor aspects of the Rolex systems that could be improved (and no doubt will be over time) but the Rolex brand package is unique.

    I cannot imagine the day when I or my children or grandchildren will prefer something like an Apple watch or some digital plasticky confection as an acceptable wrist ornament.

    In many developing nations the first thing your business 'partners' look at to ascertain your status and reliability is your wrist ornamentation.

    Ultra high status watches are overly complex and even more expensive to maintain and repair than Rolex items and are signs of a flaky, somewhat careless, personality whereas Rolex, though still expensive, represents a pragmatic common sense balance between the mundane and the exotic.

    Forget Rolex watches as an investment in the sense of capital gain or income generation but they are nevertheless an investment in the sense that the real inflation protected value is maintained whilst you derive pleasure and appreciation from ownership in lieu of mere monetary gain.

    In a world of corrupted economies and unpredictable inflation or deflation with huge currency instabilities Rolex watches approach the advantages of gold by virtue of worldwide demand. There will never be enough Rolex watches to satisfy the aspirations of rapidly multiplying global consumers.

    Any further investment value lies in the benefit that a collection of Rolex pieces affords to one's reputation for reliability, professionalism  and self assurance in the world of business and that can be invaluable in the right circumstances.

    I have received no financial inducement from Rolex for these opinions.

  22. Dunkaroos says:

    Rolex durability? That's why my ceramic sub is out for service just after 2 years of ownership, free spooling bezel. Broken from careful, normal use and out of warrantee. Not happy. 

  23. Jeremy D says:

    'know what I like about Rolex durability? I like how Rolex still uses a small diameter jeweled bushing as the pivot for the winding rotor. This way, when the watch takes a knock, the rotor scrapes against the bridge or case back. 

    Meanwhile, the rest of the automatic watchmaking world has moved on to ball bearing winding rotors.

    A simple $100 Seiko 5 is a much more rugged watch than any Rolex with the 3x3x movement. (ex. Datejust, Submariner, Day-Date, Air-King, Oyster Perpetual Date, etc.) Of course Seiko 5s are not chronometer grade, nor do they have as long of a power reserve. But they're a lot more rugged. They run +30/-10 instead of +6/-4 and they run about 38 hours power reserve, instead of 50. Also, the Seiko 5s, due to their lower beat rate, only need service every 10-15 years.

  24. Jianhui Shi says:

    Just buy a new one……….

  25. JI SA says:

    Great video and information, really enjoyed it.

  26. Great video – so how much is that service cost?

  27. COOL! You get Ade Edmonson to service your watch!

  28. Jeff Puha says:

    You can see that this watchmaker is passionate about what he does and about Rolex. Now you know why Rolex watches have been, are now, and will be considered the best in the world.

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