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Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Change Car Brakes

When changing brakes on a car, make sure the car is jacked up, remove the bolts on the caliper and remove the brake pads. Replace brake pads in a car with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car maintenance and repairs.

Expert: Tom Brintzenhofe
Bio: Tom Brintzenhofe has been a mechanic for the past 17 years.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

9 thoughts on “Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Change Car Brakes”

  1. im in automotive class and my instructor told us "when lifting a car with a jack stand, once the jack stand is in place you need to leave the lever up so you dont trip on it and cause an accident" so my question to you is why you leave it down????

  2. 06osteventon says:

    Do u need to bleed the brakes after the have finished ??

  3. dc1026 says:

    @MustangFan424 Give him a break. The pistons need to be pushed back because as the pad wears down, the piston begins to push out against the worn brake pad in order to keep the pads firmly against the rotor. By pushing the pistons back, you allow the caliper to slide back over the new brake pads.

  4. Frank says:

    just before you push the pistons back in, dont you have to release the brake fluid valve so it can releases the pressure for the pistons to go back in???

  5. LSWL00 says:

    yea u can tell he has alot of experience.. nice way to warp those rotors

  6. NewYorker424 says:

    @momo261086 What do you mean what its about? You have to push the pistions back in order for the caliper to sit flush on the new brake pads. If you don't push them back you can't put the caliper back on because the pistion will hit the pad. How stupid are you?

  7. very helpful!!! thank you!!

  8. Whta about the brake disc and the liquid

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