Watchs SALE All about watches Automated Robot Backflip Challenge! (Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday)

Automated Robot Backflip Challenge! (Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday)

Automated robot backflip challenge in Scrap Mechanic! Today we are back in Multiplayer Monday with another automated challenge! This time we each are competing to build a backflipping robot that is only activated by a single switch!








About Scrap Mechanic:


Anikdote [NCS Release]

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Track: Egzod – Rise Up (ft. Veronica Bravo & M.I.M.E) [NCS Release]
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23 thoughts on “Automated Robot Backflip Challenge! (Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday)”

  1. kAN Gaming says:

    Sorry everyone the first time I uploaded this there was a black screen for 5 min or so… fixed now I think 😀


  3. Durf 3 Moonbo 3 and scrap man 2

  4. Moonbo's creation I swear flew into scrap man's garage.

  5. Trailmakers!!!!!!!!

  6. I liked the music when you where building

  7. bigboxer91 says:

    13:45 He did a double backflip 😂

  8. At like 5:30 you were asking why our brains aren't in our ribcages? The answer is cooling. The brain generates quite a bit of heat (all the electrical signals going off does that) and would not do well so close to the "core" of the body. It is the same reason why the testicles are dangling, instead of being inside the body like the ovaries are.

  9. Potato Memes says:

    9:58 Honestly, I'd have given him 7 but I'm American.

  10. In the one of the bonus rounds it did a double backflip

  11. R_eFF Gaming says:

    In my opinion kan is the best builder in scrap mechanic

  12. Jan Koe says:

    Kan the song from the timelapse is really annoying. Please do not use it in other videos.

  13. 5 8 9 is what I gave

  14. Its Husky says:

    Who do the elbows of the people in Scrap Mechanic look like buzz lightyears chin?

  15. B. Happy says:

    he had pink so… no argument about that

  16. snipe death says:

    My challenge is to do crawler race in scrap mechanic

  17. Thin Vuong says:

    i like kan's back flipping robot best simply because it has a weird mechanism that no one expect and the fact that it is the most humanoid looking one.

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