Watchs SALE All about watches Bangkok Fake Market Spree!

Bangkok Fake Market Spree!

I went to one of the biggest fake markets in Asia today located in Bangkok. Come along as we check out this crazy market of fake electronics, fake yeezy store, fake supreme clothes and more!
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Brett (The epic drone shots):

44 thoughts on “Bangkok Fake Market Spree!”

  1. Armin Vargu says:

    Those yeezys look more fake than my grannys tits

  2. Do not buy shoes there very low quality I bought for 500 but it was teriible one

  3. She is a little boxer never seen like that one

  4. Bargain is not like in china I bought for 200 good quality t shirt

  5. ロサケン says:

    Fck him. I was sad for them promise. Im very sad.

  6. ロサケン says:

    Fck this youtuber! Dislike its videos

  7. Walter Diaz says:

    I rather give my money to them for their product then these billion dollar corporations

  8. Matt d says:

    cheap ass, your buying fakes and hes trying to get original quality lol. $6 for a tshirt aint nothing and still haggling

  9. Hahaha she said she will cut your cock off

  10. Shaikh Avesh says:

    Hate to say this but you are fucking shitbag. Bargaining for 2 Euro lol cheapass nigga

  11. Gosh the gorl at 6.20 has some nice buns

  12. MING BRØ says:

    Hum in Thai mean DICK

  13. I like your videos and the way you do your actual presentations in your vlogs.🤩🤩🤩

  14. Nothing wrong in bargaining or asking for discounts.It's up to the seller if she/he will agree or not.

  15. Jermaine Lee says:

    Word the video kind a disgusting with haggling… when I travel and I see locals struggling I'm glad to buy stuff from then to see there joy. I always find hustling kids and pretend like I'm going to buy and give them the money with out taking their products.. the joy on there face is worth what ever little money there asking.

  16. Was she trying to hit his dick tho…..something like "you cheeky cheeky ahmerican dickslap hih"

  17. John Smith says:

    I got those fake AirPods for £7 in the uk

  18. I can get the good quality bluetooth earphone for 300B in Bangkok

  19. TooReal says:

    Definitely one of the worse customers.

  20. I'm Thai. I laughed hard at the video intro. I can say the seller is nice enough with your pestering. When I read some of the comments I was really sick of people thinking all sellers in my country bump up the price of goods many times like in their country. No, just NO. Please remember most Thais are nice enough to foreigners and we are not that greed.

    I don't argue there is a chance that you may be cheated but that's in normal possibility. So, please stop presuming that all Thais want to strip your idiot money. And stop acting like you westerners are all so honest over us, it's fuckin' sickening.

  21. danbywinston says:

    What a cheap nasty asshole……offering ridicolous price for a good quality shirt….typical asshole American

  22. I will never follow or subscribe to a channel like this. I hate people who try to prey on poor when obviously, you know their fake. If you don't like the price, carry on. And, that price for those fake yeezy were actually a good deal for fakes. Lol.

  23. oprah oprah says:

    If is expensive mbk market

  24. The shirt lady was sweet. I think she gave you a good price

  25. Ur greeen for this bro 💀💀💀💀

  26. What's the market name??

  27. Ned Kelly says:

    I've lived in Thailand the last 13yrs, haggling is normal especially as a Falang because the price is always more for us. His money is better off in his pocket than hers. Trust me she wouldn't have sold it if she was to lose.

  28. Gumimoso says:

    Da fuq? 2500 for fake ear pods?? I'm Thai and it's to expensive dude.

  29. Anon Ymous says:

    Counterfeit goods support criminals.

  30. Ryan H says:

    Come on, she's actually offering you fair prices. Don't be rude by bargaining too low or she can't make a profit.

  31. Moge Bamey says:

    She said 'two teventy '😁

  32. If you buy fake designer brand items and are travelling to Italy or France and you get searched, those items will be confiscated and destroyed. Don't buy fake stuff if you are traveling to those 2 countries

  33. Hello I also want to make the same type le videos. Guys do you know how this guy is filming and with what camera ?

  34. No Excuses says:

    Yup you lost me with the whining then really lost my view when you wanted a POS supreme bullshit shirt! Fail

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