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Battlefield’s Lost Mechanic

Written, Voiced, and Edited by Lucas Raycevick
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50 thoughts on “Battlefield’s Lost Mechanic”

  1. Artik_TV says:

    modern combat holy fuck

  2. Nick930 says:

    Forget the hotswapping.

    Just give me single player multiplayer matches again. I want to play all of my DLC maps without having to worry about the population of online players dwindling, or servers being shut down. This is the fundamental flaw with all battlefields since Bad Company.

  3. I used to play this all the bloody time on my PS2 when I was younger. This was the most realistic and fun Battlefield game. I never felt like a one man army. I felt like I was playing as a army! Thank you for making this video. It reminded me how much I loved this Battlefield. It's still my favorite one, and the first one I played.

  4. nope says:

    When i saw the title, I thought you were gonna literally talk about a vehicle mechanic.

  5. Wulfleyn says:

    This would be awesome for a situation like d-day!

  6. Long story short it sucked, so lets play call of duty modern warfare 2

  7. Battlefield 1 actually had a thing like this but only in the first level. If you die there no checkpoint or restart you get another soldier and keep on fighting

  8. Wasen't this done in driver san francisco

  9. i wish they brought back the bot matches, just make them better, and i'd be happy, i like that stuff

  10. Your thumbnails look like a game's soundtrack

  11. Watttt the bots weren't good????? Bf2 bots are some of the most difficult and useful ones I've ever encountered

  12. WIZ says:

    Oh, I remember playing BF2:MC One of my most favourite PS2 games.

  13. Tym the Slav says:

    Think about Bad Company but you can HotSwap between the characters.

  14. Wait a minute.. battlefield modern combat actually exists?!?!! I always somehow remembered it from when I was like 7 but was never sure if the game actually existed

  15. SwaffyX says:

    E N E M Y S U B M A R I N E S P O T T E D !
    (in the middle of El Alamein)

  16. Lee Buswell says:

    Oh god the nostalgia, what a game that was, gonna have to get it out now and play it.

  17. Shane Bird says:

    I’d have no issue with DICE if they removed any single player mode

  18. AI brain dead, oh boy you havent seen factorio trains.

  19. Also, image if you can hot swap in multiplayer/bot matches

  20. Melkor Media says:

    Driver: San Francisco

  21. Monkers says:

    Ludo-narrative dissonance!

  22. Lost mecanic: HABIBAJI HARR DARKAA

    Anyone who played bf2 will understand if you witnessed a spamming MEC commander

  23. Masque Rade says:

    Holy shit I was surprised when Modern Combat appeared holy fuck! the best ps2 online game EVER

  24. Mir5 says:

    Games in the video: Fallout 4

  25. sonny lee says:

    Hitmarkers need to go. But there should be an indicator to show where on your body you got hit like a red light.

  26. SkywallGuttz says:

    I hot swapped discs so I could play with my bro ONLINE. After the multiplayer map loaded you take the disc out and head to the other PS2 and boot the game. As long as the map didn't change you could keep playing over and over. The music would eventually stop but that's about it. War games sound better without music anyways.

  27. megasoniczxx says:

    I actually kind of like the idea of the score multipliers and such as opposed to the cinematic approach. Honestly, I wouldn't mind just having more game-y shooters since I feel like the stories they try to tell these days fall short in comparison to the emotional impact you get out of a book or movie.

  28. I'd love this, especially if controllable characters have a good variety of weapons as opposed to all soldiers using the same assault rifle. I also like a variety of level design instead of everything being open with little cover and enemies firing from all directions.

  29. The Guardian says:

    They are not called lootboxes they are "battlepacks"

  30. Joe Ç says:

    So can you ads in that battlefield, or do you just prefer hip firing?

  31. No, the lost mechanic is being good

  32. yeah but you're forgetting one thing
    battlefield was never about single player
    i can't help but feel that this whole video should be addressed at the military shooter genre as a whole rather than the battlefield series

  33. Lone Knight says:

    "Hot Swap" could easily be implemented in a MOBA-like Multiplayer match like "Titanfall".

    just allow us to Swap with Troopers, and give us a button to swap back to our "Operator".

  34. You get this in ARMA 2. in 3 they made it single character tho, which wasn't necesarily bad. That game portrayed war very well

  35. omg lol I played bf2 on ps2 and lol I love the switch mechanic

  36. Dover says:

    lost mechanic is fun

  37. There's nothing wrong with linear campaign. Just get better writers and level design. This looks awful and doesn't solve any thing.

  38. forestR1 says:

    this game is what sold me an XB360

  39. mike jones says:

    Really cool, although I must say on bot matches after firing up BF2 on steam with no multiplayer support I tried the bots match and it was surprisingly fun, I couldnt believe the AI was working together, guys were getting picked up and driven around it was kind of funny seeing this level of co-operation from AI after playing lots of BF1 but you quickly realize that they are pretty dumb, however the match was were pretty close and I had really try to help win the map, losing the first time. Joint Operations had some good AI co-op modes I heard, if not the best for FPS's, althoug I only got into the mutiplayer in that game, at that time it was true no one cared about the AI bot matches, it was just filler so they could show something I supposed with no internet. With better AI more immersive worlds and dynamic stories coud emerge.

  40. LordRydag says:

    the first story in bf1 did something like that, it was very emotionally affecting. it would be awesome if it worked well.

  41. subed as soon as I seen modern combat. the franchise that started it for me, I played it religiously online.

  42. Papa Chanka says:

    Another way to do this is having more characters have dialogue in the multiplayer. Here’s what I mean.

    The map was Lost Islands.
    The round just started and I’m sitting in a helicopter. I look down to see a fleet of boats racing to the objectives and I look above as the jets and other helicopters fly by. The pilot landed in a hot zone and as we jumped out we were taking heavy fire. Some of the support were providing suppression as we ran to cover. I turn around to see the helicopter take off and as it rose from the ground it was hit with an rpg. The pilot tried desperately to not crash on top of us and pulled back and crashed into the ocean. The characters were yelling, some screaming from the explosion, others dying and asking for a medic all while my character starts breathing heavily as the battlefield starts to get quitter.

    It’s moments like this that truly immerse you in a game. I actually felt for the losses. However this is really rare. A way for this so be amplified is by just having much more war dialogue. More reactions like reactions to squad deaths in front of you. However the game can feel just too much like a video game with fucking irritating bullshit like lag and people being toxic.

  43. dogboy0912 says:

    Rainbow Six 3 had hot swapping as well. Not character driven, though the campaign had a narrative, and all of your personnel were highly valuable. It usually resulted in just reworking your entry plan until nobody died. Can't imagine what a no save-scumming playthrough would look like.

  44. Jacq Wasp says:

    What are you talking about? We already have that game: Battalion Wars

  45. Twig says:

    But I liked the bot matches in BF2.
    I wanted the same thing for Bf3 and 4.
    Bots dont cheat, curse or complain.

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