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Being a Technician vs Being a Mechanic ~ Podcast Episode 70

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Today I am joined in studio by Rusty. We had a very spirited chat about being a mechanic vs being a technician. We come at it from 2 very different angles, and that makes the conversation fun

Join Rusty and I today as we break down:

Rusty’s view of what a mechanic is
Rusty’s view of what a technician is
The psychology behind the words.
My view of the two words
QOTD ~ Do you consider yourself a Mechanic or a Technician?
and more

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36 thoughts on “Being a Technician vs Being a Mechanic ~ Podcast Episode 70”

  1. Hunter White says:

    I am an interchangeable.

  2. M.F says:

    When I was in school one of my professors would tell me what’s the difference between a mechanic and a technician ? a mechanic can fix something without not knowing what there fixing and a technician can diagnose the problem and/or issues before taking something apart 🔧🤔

  3. Mechanic: Many years of experience working with variety of cars but lack working on new cars
    Technician: ASE certified

  4. Its just semantics really all that matters is how much knowledge one has and how much pride one has in their work I'd rather have a good mechanic than a bad technition. Plus everyone at places like jiffy lube are called technitions but I'd never let them touch my car ever for anything ever.

  5. a mechanic has wheels on his box because he needs them there
    technicians has them because they want them

  6. Where would I stand? I learned form a Mechanic which also repairs and rebuilds engines, transmissions, Heads, and more. I also learned from a friend which graduated from Tech school with diagnostic tools and all. I learned from both sources plus, Youtube. I don't have the degree but I have fixed stuff both a mechanic and a tech couldn't do. Now, might start working as a tech for Crown which is for Forklifts.

  7. Oh, and yes, Dealers go to my dad at times too. like Nissan dealers and Toyota.

  8. "If a technician makes a mistake, that's a mechanic." not his exact words but that just sounds stupid.
    If I as a mechanic go through lots of testing, common sense and all and find the actual problem, am I turned into a Tech??
    I've had people go to many shops, not find the right issue, come to me once and I fix it. If those shops had Technicians, would that make me better?
    And yes, I have also made mistakes, as a human.

  9. McWillies says:

    Mechanic = Mechanical speciality. Technician = Technological specialty. That's basically the argument being made here by the gentleman on the left.

  10. Namishki901 says:

    Mechanics are lower on the pyramid.
    Technicians are higher on the pyramid.
    Technicians read computer-generated diagnostic trouble codes if they HAVE to, and still take it with a grain of salt.
    Mechanics read the code and replace the part without second thought.
    Technicians fix the problem the FIRST time without guessing.
    Mechanics will send it to somebody else.
    Technicians have ASE certifications and understand how a given system WORKS before diagnosing it.
    Mechanics may "diagnose" something that he/she thinks is most likely wrong based on some "prior experience".
    Technicians use DVOM along with a schematic for safe, precise measurements.
    Mechanics uses test lights and risk destroying sensitive electronic components.

    I could go on and on, but you get the point. The industry is steering towards the term "technician" so that it makes us feel special.
    The automotive technology class I attend stress that we are "TECHNICIANS" and not dirty mechanic grease monkeys.
    Personally, I really don't care what I'm called or what I call somebody else, this is just what schools are conditioning us young students to believe.

  11. Manix Mobile says:

    As a mechanix I am able to put a front wheel drive motor in a rear wheel drive I am able to transplant a 88 accord wiper mechanism into 2014 Lincoln and run scan equipment as I don't let technology intimidate me it's all been done before just repackaged

  12. A mechanic can work and fix anything mechanical or electrical.
    A technician sends it back to the dealer to replace what is bad.

    A mechanic turns garbage into gold
    A technician polishes gold.

    A mechanic fixes the problem part.
    A technician replaces the problem part With the same part that will fail again.

    Mechanic works on machines any machine.
    A technician will work in specific applications.
    (Auto)(computer)(cable)(industrial) (diesel)(electrical)(transportation)(network)____ tech vs a Mechanic
    Who does them all.

  13. Technician doesn't just mean automotive computer (which mostly do the engine monitoring then "fuel and air adjustment") it mean that the person working on the car has a great understanding of the systems on and car, in order to be able to identify, locate and fix both mechanical and electrical problems with the vehicle. To say that a technician Fixes by the use of the cars' computer mean that the technician knows where to began to look at the engine or other car componnets after reading the code or "information" about the engine or other car components as identified by the computer "information" or code.

  14. TheTRSMagz says:

    21:14 turn on captions FUCK YOU PUSSIES YOU'RE ALL ON A POWER TRIP

  15. MrSealion59 says:

    I feel the difference is:
    A technician is a professional,
    A Mechanic is a tradesman.
    Both are fairly highly trained and deserve respect.

  16. Awesome topic. Keep in mind I’m not a technician or a mechanic. I personally thought a tech was a fancier or professional name for a name brand car mechanic and a mechanic just works on all name brand cars. But Computer knowledge or electrical diagnostics are also done by mechanics too. So personally think mechanics are better than a technicians. When I grew up there was a say: “Just cuz you got a high school diploma doesn’t mean your street smart.”

  17. Awesome topic. I personally thought a tech was a fancier or professional name for a name brand car mechanic. I learned something new today. Thank you.

  18. Ben Katz says:

    Yeah, when I hear technician I think the guy may only be qualified to do oil changes. Where as a mechanic can rebuild an engine if needed. So mechanic carries the premium connotation in my mind.

  19. Klipschrf35 says:

    To me a technician does specific work on a given subset of the whole. Like lube technician and tire technician. Basically like a cook.

    Mechanic does the whole gamut of work and is the higher tier.of it. Like a chef

  20. Mechanics make more money than technicians, the way I think about it a tech can diagnose your vehicle with a computer, a mechanic can do it with or without the computer and do the repair.

  21. 87FoRunner says:

    So my job title has Mechanic in it. I perform repairs, operate machinery large and small, repair vehicles and machines with more than one make on them. My work is done inside of a shop, outside of a shop, in the street, in parking lots of random places, etc. some of my customers are people, some are animals. Sometimes my truck has an engine hanging from it, sometimes street lights, one time it was hooked to an elephant. My main toolbox only had one color option: Work Truck White.

    I wish my job was as easy as a some technicians. When I visit dealerships, their shops feel more like offices.

  22. There’s technicians the went to school for that and yet don’t know shit that’s a book technician vs a mechanic
    Mechanic learn everything by doing it not by reading it

  23. I see it as a rebranding of the people within the industry. Back in the day it was mechanic, shade tree mechanic, hack mechanic, hack shop mechanics. The industry seemed to change it to technician to rebrand the name.

  24. Anon Ymous says:

    I Know MANY mechanics who never went to college who fully diagnose a vehicle with proper equipment/tools and diagnostic scan tools BEFORE replacing parts. They are all excellent mechanics and none of them label themselves a technician. Maybe because they are secure in their abilities so they don't have to inflate their image with words and titles.

  25. DjCapnWolf says:

    Your camera has a blown pixel. Look for the white dot on your right shirt pocket (not the one with the logo) on the blurry camera.

  26. I use both, depending on what I'm doing or talking about. I suppose, generally, I would use the term technician (or tech) to describe someone or something more specialized, however that's not always the case.

    By the way, good choice on the Hoppyum!

  27. RDLONG30 says:

    A shade tree mechanic is NOT a mechanic he is a PARTS CHANGERS.A TRUE Mechanic is a person who KNOWS what they are doing.

  28. Soni Singh says:

    In the UK, to my knowledge, go to a BMW Dealer the word “mechanic” is essentially interchanged with “Technician”

    For example
    Apprentice technician
    BMW Service technician
    BMW Senior technician
    BMW Master technician

    To be a technician you need excellent practical skills, know the concepts and how things work, good problem solving skills and can diagnose and fix for senior technicians and master technicians.


    The “parts changers” as you call it are referred to as “service technicians” in BMW Dealerships in U.K. They are below technicians.
    Service technicians to become that takes 1-2 years in U.K.
    Technician to become that takes 2-3 years in U.K.

  29. Sorry the guy in the light blue shirt is so far off it would piss me off so much if I was their

  30. To me after being a mechanic for 35plus year's a technician is someone that has to use a computer to find out what's wrong and then has to get a mechanic to fix it

  31. I think a technician has more knowledge than a mechanic…..

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