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Best Salesman in the World

Joe Ades, the Union Square vegetable peeler salesman died on Sunday February 1, 2009. RIP. 🙁

NYT article

2006 Vanity Fair article

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42 thoughts on “Best Salesman in the World”

  1. Zero says:

    This man could sell weapons to ISIS. Oh wait. USA already do.

  2. Wil Saint says:

    For the love of God, where do I buy this amazing contraption?

  3. Royal Me says:

    make statue for him and put it where he used to buy the peelers. He is a man of honor not the fake celebrities

  4. Taylor Green says:

    No one can beat a good old English salesman

  5. Karen Soro says:

    This guy is so good- I just got on eBay and bought one! It’s called a ZENA. He dead… and he still sold me one! Now that’s good!

  6. He can sell dildos to guys

  7. Prisoner says:

    He could sell himself to whoever already employs him

  8. Manuel Sousa says:

    This guy could sell oil to an arab

  9. Sensai Vers says:

    I always watch this video when it pops.

  10. Kuchi Kopi says:

    Aw he should have sold condom to India, would have made billions…

  11. Yhozi says:

    Rest in peace truly a good man

  12. Died on a Sunday in February 1, 2009

  13. Shashwat says:

    I was born 3 days ago when this video was uploaded!!

  14. Man could sell salesmen to salesme- WAIT

  15. Cjlovesyou says:

    There not made in China 😂

  16. Ed Boi says:

    Man could sell a bucket of water to a drowning man.

  17. The best salesman is not this guy! It is Apple

  18. This guy could sell ice to Alaska

    Rest In Peace good sir
    Or should I say rest in pieces? No? Ok sorry. My respect was earned in 4 min

  19. RoboHobo says:

    tbh that peeler is actually pretty good

  20. tehjamez says:

    Stay a while,… and listen

  21. He could sell glasses to the blind

  22. That’s gotta be the best salesman I’ve ever seen.

    So it would seem…

  23. I wonder if you bought anything from him

    This youtube video has probably earned more profit than his entire career

  24. Learned a few tips from him actually 😂

  25. Rita Shaw says:

    He could sell ice cream to an Eskimo

  26. It's made in Switzerland not China. He knew about this before everything was made in China.

  27. Miez says:

    i have this even tho im from germany, there was a guy just like him on the market here

  28. Andrew P says:

    I know this is 12 years ago but where can I get one? Lol

  29. I would buy one in a second from this guy. He is hard working. love this guy. He could sell ice to a Eskimo.

  30. NavyKing HD says:

    I lost faith in YouTube when I noticed the upload date…

  31. ChaosP4nth3r says:

    That actually looks pretty useful

  32. That looks like a nice product tbh

  33. RayNow says:

    All I can hear is: "Greetings traveller welcome to my humble shop"

  34. Hay cientos así en Latinoamérica. 🙂

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