Watchs SALE All about watches Blake Shelton – “I Lived It” (Official Music Video)

Blake Shelton – “I Lived It” (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Blake Shelton. ©2017 Warner Music Nashville LLC.

47 thoughts on “Blake Shelton – “I Lived It” (Official Music Video)”

  1. Brenda Moraa says:

    I hope I get to visit the south one day…

  2. Your my favorite singer

  3. I ❤️ Blake Shelton!!! Anyone else?!?!?

  4. hoax 321 says:

    I dont understand country! Im waiting for Adam to appear

  5. sama cha says:

    It's my favorite song

  6. This is one of his best to me love this song

  7. A better time
    We knew our neighbor

  8. Troy Ness says:

    I Love you!!!!!!!!!!

  9. savv says:

    If u ain't from wv u ain't country

  10. from Kenya…country music is awesome ..sometimes I wish boundaries would just be scrapped we all just get along

  11. Texas Laulie says:

    Memories are great, recall them often as they never wear out!! God Bless from Texas!!

  12. Ilhan Ahmed says:

    I'm from East Africa and I'm really in love with country music. Can't stop listening to this song. Love it a lot💖

  13. A question? Does Blake own only one pair of boots? He wears this one on every episode of the Voice ever, every video he makes, every awards show he visits? Poor guy 🙂

  14. i seen it , i lived it, i loved it, 60 years and hope for many more memories

  15. Aiwa haha says:

    I like you ❤❤❤❤

  16. Randy Fithen says:

    The music Blake sings all numbers hits that is awesome and Alan his music he has now seems the best he has done it is just unreal

  17. I love this! Try playing it at 1.25x 🙂

  18. Dale Rochel says:

    Blake , I like the song I live it one of the best.!louisian lady

  19. Kim Cavin says:

    My husband cries every time he hears is he said it is if the song is of his life.

  20. Wish i lived it, i would still be trying to live it 😎😎😎

  21. maravilloso ver a Blake Shelton y Cristina Aguilera
    alternando los dos.Creo que Shelto saco la caballe
    ria para poder cantar tan fuerte.como Cristina.buenos los dos.
    Creo que Sr. Blake goza de
    una simpatia especial de todos sus admiradotes en
    musica contry y como gusta mucho
    su cancion I lived it. es muy buenos recuerdos de
    juventud.Animo blake a mi
    me pasa lo mismo.Good bye friend enjoy.your self.

  22. M O says:

    Awesome . I love it.

  23. Dale Rochel says:

    Blake, good song I live it one of the best songs you song.lady from Louisiana

  24. carl ayers says:

    I trained them !!! LOL HMMM

  25. Sou fã demais.. meu Deus! Isso é genuíno😍❤

  26. Eva Wagner says:

    Love you and Gwen.Blake love your voice songs. Please stop hunt i hate coeards hunters please be MAN

  27. Pennie Lowe says:

    Loved the old days #letsgobacktime no take that back I'm not scoping horses poop

  28. Mark C says:

    A time our children and grandchildren will never have the joy to experience. Very little was taken for granted then, and so much taken for granted now. Change is inevitable, maybe that's why we have a memory.

  29. I miss my childhood bad we all say we are ready to be 18 I miss everything I use to hunt with my dad till the sun went down went fishing all the time watched the football game while dipping I miss it bad 😥😥😥😥

  30. Nat Von says:

    Thank you Blake! brought me to tears…Keep your head up!

  31. Cao Hiếu says:

    I loved Country Music and i loved Blake, too. From Vietnam

  32. edwin 98 says:

    linda cancion de blake shelton

  33. Is this really how you grew up

  34. Vijay Tiwari says:

    Why did I even left Tennessee. I miss everything about that place😭

  35. This song really touches my heart. Im from ky. And when I was a kid my parents and I went riding 4 wheelers all the time and fishing but now my parents are divorced and my father has been really sick. I just wish I could go back in time and things be like they use too. 🙁 prayers for my dad please. I'm a big daddies girl. </3

  36. Noah says:

    Much love for Blake Shelton! 😎

  37. Motz Raul says:

    I'm a 15 years old boy from Romania and Yes! I listen Country Music💘

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