Watchs SALE All about watches BMW Top Repair (E36) MillerTimeBMW – DIY 3

BMW Top Repair (E36) MillerTimeBMW – DIY 3

Zach Miller teaches you how to “re-sync” the top on your E36 BMW.

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36 thoughts on “BMW Top Repair (E36) MillerTimeBMW – DIY 3”

  1. Dan Walker says:

    Excellent film and excellent channel. Thanks.

  2. Hey Zach, great video! I've done everything you instructed in your video, but I can't manually move my top closed. It's almost there, but not quite. Please help me before it rains!!! Thanks

  3. Hey I just got my car but one motor it’s bad I can’t find the red bottom that it’s post on some videos 2 do it manually

  4. Terry Joyce says:

    In the event that you lose your keys how would you get the roof up as disengaged with lever but tunnel cover not lifting ?

  5. tonneau cover is stuck….how do you open it?

  6. Ghazwan Zaid says:

    Can you tell me please how to remove or change the motor for the roof?

  7. Cubx79 says:

    I am having a hell of a time getting my lid motor to snap into place. Im guessing the teeth aren't lined up right., Any pointers?

  8. Hello , I have a 2001 330 ci convertible wont go down, when i press down button is just blinking red, no noise of motor, do you think is a fuse that starts the function ….?

  9. s kouro says:

    Zach, I dd all in the video and it worked up to the end. I turned key twice forward and then pressed the arrow button up. The back went down immediately and then opened all the way up for the top to come out but it stopped. Please help!!!

  10. All your,s videos are so great thank you very much .Thomas from Sweden

  11. Have a 98 323 top won’t go down. Hooks disengage then all I get is a loud rapid clicking noise. Any suggestions? Thx

  12. YOU ARE WRONG!! telling everybody to go forward with the switch.. You must hold the switch in the down position…. The only reason it is working on your car is because there is nothing wrong with your car.

  13. I have a 94 BMW 325i I have put the top motor back, but the trunk doesn't latch nor when I try to do what you did its already released

  14. Lv Lv says:

    thanks brother u saved my life and u explain it pretty good this video was really helpful

  15. What tool do I need to dissconect the roof from the front mirror

  16. Thank you, I had no clue what to do or where to look. Great job explaining it.

  17. Andrew Baird says:

    Cheers so much dude. Simple and to the point effective. Very helpful.

  18. Sheryl Erez says:

    Very, very helpful. On my car the release and then reset of for the convertible top motor was easy, The motor for the lid took an extra yank and twist. Now the lid motor won't reset easily. It was certainly more force than a thumb and finger as shown.

  19. This man is a genius!! Anything and everything BMW related this man knows it better than anyone else!!!!! Keep it up Miller🤙🤙

  20. My top does not aline with the car the front latch don’t line up

  21. Bmw 328i says:

    Everything worked other than the last part where I have to hold the button and turn the key twice won't come back

  22. Bmw 328i says:

    I don't think my car has a micro

  23. Great video Zach! My car has a fully automatic roof and I cannot close it manually if there is no power, but it all might work if the motor or the roof cap would engage. Any idea why it doesn´t?

  24. Holy fuck, all the headaches solved by one video. THANKS

  25. you saved me hundreds of pounds!!! thank you so much!!!

  26. Cheers for the guide man, will try this tomorrow!

  27. Dude, you saved me from some serious frustration. Thank you!!!!!!

  28. My top won’t go down . I press the button and I just hear the motor but nothing happens any suggestions what it might be

  29. Do you have a video for the e46 cabriolet lid lock micro sensor position? Where can i position it?

  30. Felix Thomas says:

    I tried this but for some reason the Red lever doesn't make a loud click sound at all (just can hear something in the rear), so i dont know whether its disengaged or not?.. also since messing with that lever the top seems to only automatically disconnect from the windshield and raise a few inches then it stops.. where as before it was getting halfwway through the motion and raising the back up also! Now it means i cant access the mini switch at the back as the back isn't opening at all?
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  31. Chris Gibson says:

    Should the motor be able to engage even with the top already up?

  32. Captain Z says:

    The motors are kind of pricey, so any recommendations on where to get them? — Thank-you

  33. Captain Z says:

    Thanks. Your video helped tremendously. The best. — question? do these motors need replacing after a while because they become weak?… can you please make a video on how to replace the soft tops motor and the tonneau motor that you show on your video.

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