Watchs SALE All about watches Bob Marley-Jammin Remix ft Mechanic TID.

Bob Marley-Jammin Remix ft Mechanic TID.

Taking the iconic record of Bob Marley’s Jammin and putting a modern twist to it with hip-hop, Mechanic executed this track will.

Music produced by Mahindra Ramdhan
Rap written by Mechanic T.I.D

Video production by Indigo films
Directed by Mahindra Ramdhan
Cinematography by Mahindra Ramdhan
Edited by Mahindra Ramdhan and Aaron Sankar



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4 thoughts on “Bob Marley-Jammin Remix ft Mechanic TID.”

  1. Shmone Allen says:

    I'm so freaking proud of you! Awesome visuals, awesome song, awesomeness overload 馃拫

  2. Wow this video is so beautiful! Where was it shot?

  3. Chris ram says:

    that's what we talking about G good work

  4. Alana Thomas says:

    Well yes.. I LOVE THE VIDEOGRAPHY, LOVE!!!!!!.. Song wasn't what I expected, from all the teasing shirt vids, but I love it!!

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