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bobo bird wood watch bamboo wooden watches

BOBO BIRD in natural wooden watches for men and women, handcrafted with ancient Asian sustainable wood and 100% genuine leather. Various types of materials including teak, ebony, maple and even bamboo, are all used during the creation process. These trees are hand selected by our expert craftsmen to ensure the exceptional quality of our wooden wrist watches. It takes up to 3days to produce each unique handcrafted watch. After the wood goes through the drying process for about half a year, it is ready to be crafted to perfection.

Environmental care and sustainability are always ensured during the creation of our watches for men and women. It is our responsibility to ensure the preservation of our environment during the creation of our products. Our wooden watches combine style, elegance, quality, and sustainability, making our products truly one of a kind. All our designer wooden watches are available for sale online. Check out our collection

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  1. My Bargains says:

    Very nice watches, i found some here for sale as well

  2. HighLevelTN says:

    Keep The Good Job
    From Tunisia <3

  3. Awesome Watch with a Beautifull Designe! Cheers from Brazil !

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