Watchs SALE All about watches #BREAKING : PILOT AUDIO Mechanic SEA-TAC Alaska Air / Horizon Air Q400 Stolen

#BREAKING : PILOT AUDIO Mechanic SEA-TAC Alaska Air / Horizon Air Q400 Stolen

#BREAKING Alaska Airlines says it is aware of an incident involving an unauthorized take-off of a Horizon Air plane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Horizon Air Q400 Stolen; Reportedly crashes in the Seattle Area. Early report 29 year old mechanic stole the plane. No reports of survival at this time.

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31 thoughts on “#BREAKING : PILOT AUDIO Mechanic SEA-TAC Alaska Air / Horizon Air Q400 Stolen”

  1. iVoid tv says:

    2:06 he played GTA on first person mode so he knows how to fly

  2. Chris Mate says:

    So did he passed out due to lack of oxigen-?

  3. He could have beem famous. He could have turned his life around if he would have Just listened and got help landing. I think he wanted to die that day.

  4. Poor fellas lost it . Probably had a wonder idea in his head then up there thought aw crap how do this work. Is he alive?

  5. Jay H says:

    Airing stupidity

  6. One of the most craziest things I have ever seen and ever will see. Really a life changing experience. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

  7. Nick C says:

    This guy went out like a boss, he was hurting inside and basically just said fuck it, it’s sad because he sounded like a really nice guy

  8. Alex Reilly says:

    Good thing he was too stoned to fly into the Space Needle.

  9. People with some illness are in their own head. His friends and family would rather he be alive.

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  12. Le Icedragon says:

    I feel sorry for the poor bastard

  13. That's no pilot….that's a CRIMINAL….probably BRAINWASHED…..without hem KNOWING it……new wespen thanks to the NWO/ SHADOW GOVERNMENT/ PENNYLES ROTHSCHILDS/ EUROPEAN BLACK NOBILITY/ BLACK POPE / VATICAN/ The UK/ D THE REST OF THE CRIMINALS SERVING THEM…!!! I think the Royal Nazi van Saxen COBURGH AND Gotha should be punished for KEEPING their DNA pure, as they think.. their crime is their inbreed..!!.They should be helped to step down from their kingdom and since SATANISTS use children for their benefit….hang THEM at the Power bridge..!
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  14. A J says:

    This is what happens when regular people can’t afford living cost AKA the Amazon effect. Seattle was once a great place to live.

  15. cmetube says:


  16. Damn the guy is having mental problems bad an in all fairness he sounds like a cool ass dude some people just dont know how to deal with it saf

  17. Noelle Leger says:

    F-15s were on his tail very soon right? So where were the F-15s on 9/11? BTW 4 times on 9/11? Not 1 Not 2 Not 3 But 4 times and no F-15s for over at least an hour! Oh, the News says since 9/11 the USAF got faster at intercepting, not true. Payne Stewart had F-15s on his plane within 20 minutes of getting off course in 1999.

  18. BONA VENTURA says:


  19. One Person says:

    guy is a frootloop

  20. nr552 says:

    Sad and crazy stuff. On top of that there's going to be new security measures put in place to prevent this type of thing.

  21. That fake i think. Regardless mechanic did not steal the plane he was test flying it to see if repairs worked.

  22. He's headed for Allahu's Snackbar

  23. Round SEye says:

    What agenda are they going to push from this?

  24. whats the next step of his master plan

  25. Round SEye says:

    The speed at which this was released makes me suspicious.

  26. Jesse Maron says:

    This guy is either on something or struggling with something mentally. Damn…

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