Watchs SALE All about watches Broken Gear Repair: Brazing Up and Machining New Teeth

Broken Gear Repair: Brazing Up and Machining New Teeth

In this second part of the series, I will braze up the broken teeth sections and cut new gear teeth on the horizontal milling machine using a dividing head.

22 thoughts on “Broken Gear Repair: Brazing Up and Machining New Teeth”

  1. Herrero says:

    Hi Keith,
    I just wanted to thank for the all the good things I owe you from your web page and from your videos. I just subscribed. As a note: here, the more poor machinists, due lack of money or tooling, make the repaired gear teeth only by file, since it is expensive to ask for a new one made by a gear generator. Can you recommend me a place to purchase gears for a old 10" Delta Rockwell lathe?
    A salute from Mexico.

  2. This man is a dinosaur that needs to be preserved.

  3. P.R. Nadh says:

    Excellent work done. Most interesting to watch the work done by expert, and also explain technical information very well, it most useful for especially mechanical engineering personal, many many thanks thanks. My most lovely channel, also I am an engineer ( retired)

  4. Tom S says:

    great education for me

  5. Wayne Coutts says:

    I love it when an engineer says I could really do with a smaller arbor, but it not a project to make one. Ask Adam, he probably has one you could get measurements from.

  6. james heath says:

    I really enjoy watching this show.

  7. Joop Terwijn says:

    Big bucket/pit of sand, nice place to cool down, can use it to heat stuff,… handy stuff!

  8. apples13able says:

    Nice work Keith! Your vids helped me repair a 1926 cast iron Glenwood Stove. 5 years ago I had the same problem u had w running out of acetylene on a week-end but then I discovered MagneGas. I brazed the Stove w MagneGas. It’s cheaper than acetylene, way hotter, lasts longer since the psi is set at about 5 plus it’s hotter.. I usually use it for car repair but I’ve been getting into brazing as well and plan to make Xmas present art pieces this way. All u need is a MagneGas regulator & a bottle of MagneGas and u can use your same acetylene Torch. Anyway check out and here is my vid using it to fix the stove. Check out my other MagneGas vis too if u like:

  9. Another great video on Gear Cutting, I never get tired of watching this process Keith. Thank you mate.

  10. Domush DIY says:

    This was absolutely fascinating to watch! I could only dream of having access to that equipment to try it myself. I'm curious, how much did that repair cost the customer? And how often to you have to replace those cutter wheels?

  11. newstart49 says:

    Always enjoy and learn from your videos- thanks.

  12. Old Texan says:

    Here my local welding supply shops don't know the difference between brass and bronze. They just stock "brazing" rod. One hardware store locally had brass rod about a year ago. But then again, like auto parts stores, the sales staff are just clerks.
    So be careful, you could get a nasty surprise.

  13. TheVergile says:

    wouldn't it make sense to braze in another piece of iron instead of just filling up with bronze?

  14. Great work…a true pro job..!!

  15. I really liked this video. Just got to figure out how to know what pitch and so on of a gear, so to be able to get the right cutter for it. I have several small gears for a work drive saw I would like to make or repair the gear. Got a small vertical mill, got a small divider , but don't know where to go from this point.

  16. Gary Mucher says:

    I realize this is an older video. However, I've hear you state a few time now that you wished you had a smaller or shorter arbor. Well, why not machine one. You have everything you need to do that. And you could make it a video as well for us to see.

  17. Torch adjustment is way to high for brazing but cool video thanks brother

  18. hzemi nasim says:

    كم انت رائع وفنان حقا انك مبدع

  19. BedsitBob says:

    You can't put a filling in an extracted tooth.

    You can only put in a denture.

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