Watchs SALE All about watches Building a Propeller Powered Bomber Plane! (Scrap Mechanic Live Stream)

Building a Propeller Powered Bomber Plane! (Scrap Mechanic Live Stream)

Support the stream: Hey everyone back again with another Scrap Mechanic live stream! Today we are going to build a bomber plane using the explosive spawners to have unlimited ammo!


Stream Rules:
1 – No excessive spam
2 – No self promotion
3 – Respect the mods
4 – English in chat please

Music by NoCopyrightSounds

17 thoughts on “Building a Propeller Powered Bomber Plane! (Scrap Mechanic Live Stream)”

  1. Duan Harry says:

    the engin is facing the wrong way

  2. Specx Plays says:

    im specx playz hahahaha he mentioned me on 2:10:22 ( I was in the stream hahahahah)


    kAN, if you're reading this, hello my fellow moose rider

  4. LeonardlLP says:

    How about building a Blimp-/Planebase that has an Autopilot and can drop Bombs and maybe even has a Helicoptergarage inside!

  5. Luka Mtc says:

    "kAN gaming started a stream"
    * notification is from 6h ago*

  6. There is a paint all tool block in the mod pack

  7. For the part spawned you were talking about at 2:52:25 there is one in the mod pack

  8. Kan, an idea for a multiplayer Monday video is that you, scrapman, and derf go grocery shopping and the one that spends the most loses.

  9. Hey kAN! Got a cool idea for the next MultiplayerMonday. So you know like these shopping cart wheels, you should build a car with these. Here is my car @t

  10. Venom Elite says:

    Yo you didnt finish ur plane within a plane build

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