Watchs SALE All about watches Building The FASTEST Car In The World! (300MPH+ in Car Mechanic Simulator)

Building The FASTEST Car In The World! (300MPH+ in Car Mechanic Simulator)

Today I am playing some more Car Mechanic Simulator, where I try to build world’s FASTEST car! If you enjoyed this video, watch more here:

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47 thoughts on “Building The FASTEST Car In The World! (300MPH+ in Car Mechanic Simulator)”

  1. Jelly says:

    LIKE If you think that I just built the FASTEST Car in the WORLD! 😄

  2. You forgot the batterie for the car

  3. Fion says:

    this isn't the fastest car in the world, im sorry jelly, you need double the speed for that.

  4. Fion says:

    should have got the supra

  5. congrats u got buggati chiron now a lambo wow ur amazing c:


  7. T Slade says:

    Not the fastest car in the world the Bugatti is

  8. CapRich RB says:

    U called that car a opal I just got a kitten named opal 😎😮

  9. Toxic Waste says:

    Jelly’s number plate on his car should be J3LLY

  10. I like that buttt butt

  11. Look for the batmobile

  12. But the fastest car in the world is the Hennessy venom

  13. its the mcleran f1 gt in the junkyard

  14. ZCF Chennai says:

    Leepu and pitbull solo edition?

  15. ZCF Chennai says:

    Hello person scrolling through the comments
    Have a nice day 😊😊😊

  16. hey do a heavy cabover like in the junkyard, it is possible it wont fit

  17. im in training to be a mechanic

  18. gamer go says:

    I think this chould beat the world fastest car record and this car is fastest fuck boyyy!!

  19. Dj Siebe says:

    I love your car sim episodes Jelly!!

  20. MG Master says:

    Jelly shows pasta when he says Lamborgini in an italian accent, tho the Lamborgini ai a Spanish compani(slaps face)

  21. How come you had ninety thousand dollars the whole time

  22. Fast car jelly👍🏽

  23. Why dont you make more videos of car mechanic simulator 18

  24. Plz jelly do like 1000 of these vids there too good😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗

  25. Jelly, you messed up. Fastest car in the world is the Venom GT, and that’s not a Lambo.

  26. Uh, Guys, anyone notice he's hacking? Look at his money. He has 9m and when he bought some stuff it stayed at 9m

  27. What about formula 1 cars

  28. Hi jelly I wanted to ask you how do you install that game car mechanic simulator 18

  29. Mercedes Benz only makes AMG

  30. Ayush Charan says:

    make devil 16 please

  31. How does Jelly always have 900,000,000 dollars after he is buying engine parts, cars, ext?

  32. Trisacer_ says:

    He pronounces it r-Kansas but it is pronounced ar-can-sal… AMERICA EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. DANNY GREEN says:

    jlly it is a lambgrgein

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