Watchs SALE All about watches But It Helps – Mechanic Finds Squirrel In Car

But It Helps – Mechanic Finds Squirrel In Car

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35 thoughts on “But It Helps – Mechanic Finds Squirrel In Car”

  1. Doc says:

    good stuff : )

  2. Stryker says:

    Yeah I expect people like this work on Hyundai… Their alignment guy is probably cross eyed.

  3. Wyatt Miller says:

    You do not have to have friends but it helps

    Oh wait that was messed up ☝️

  4. meffer6 says:

    Why do I have an overwhelming urge to hug this man?

  5. You don’t have watch this video but it helps

  6. Kushtime420 says:

    I know guys who would keep that voice going all day lmao

  7. Anyone know the song playing in the background at the start of the video?

  8. Cole Murphy says:

    You don't have to be an inbred moron to like your video but it helps

  9. Aaron Vick says:

    Now you don't have to make a "but it helps" comment to make a top comment

    But it helps.

  10. You don't have to have a sense of humor to make a video, but it helps! My car is in the shop right now – we think it was squirrels that ate the wires inside the console. It is costing us several thousand dollars. You don't have to have a mechanic who knows what he/she is doing, but it helps! 🙂 Good video!

  11. I don't think a squirrel adds any more horsepower, you silly ricer

  12. If I could give more than one thumbs up in this video I would… definitely watched it more than once haha

  13. Shiny Gengar says:

    You don't necessarily need a squirl to take the belt off but it helps

  14. MrDeathpilot says:

    This might have been amusing, but the "surprise" ending was spoiled by the video title. Now it's just lame.

  15. Joseph Koehn says:


  16. Jeff Stewart says:

    He was acting I know this. The sad thing is I know people that talk like this . And it doesn't help.

  17. Ryan Quinlan says:

    This is what happens when you cant get off the crack pipe

  18. It's not too funny, but it helps

  19. 不幸 says:

    you dont have to have life support.. but it helps..

  20. Skye Iorfida says:

    you don't have to have lubricant, but it helps… 😉

  21. You dont have to laugh at this video but it haelps…… It does haelp..

  22. Fisher Huff says:

    u don't have to have a phone to watch this video,but it helps

  23. Reminds me of The Waterboy

  24. David Miller says:

    It took me until almost a minute in to realize he was putting on an act……I should have known better considering I've worked with goody guys like this in the shop for over a decade. This guy's hilarious attitude is why I love being in the shop. We need more blue collar comedians like this in the work place.

  25. Holden Mack says:

    God please lower to locks

  26. supra Is bae says:

    The customer doesn't need too complain. But it helps

  27. I don't have to like and share

    But it helps
    It really helps

  28. Logan Hecke says:

    You don’t have to have a belt… but it helps

  29. Krista Cook says:

    How did a squirrel get your m there

  30. You don't have to laugh………. But it helps!

  31. So I guess you need a new squirrel cage for your fan motor😂😂😂

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