Buying Clothes

If I spend $40 on jeans I expect it to last for the rest of my life. My belt is a shoe-lace.
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32 thoughts on “Buying Clothes”

  1. he is talking about ricegum

  2. Arctic_Foxx says:

    I have almost zero friends lol

  3. Alana Cagle says:

    I'm emo because I followed my heart. And I hate the popular kids

  4. Alana Cagle says:

    I'm going threw my emo edgy phase, I break the school clothes thing by wearing a crop top and I'm in 5th grade and I'm ten

  5. Shnid Tastic says:

    OMG, it's been a year!!!

  6. XenoRaptor says:

    That "A – Hole" has the same hair style of your twin sister's animated hair style…

  7. 2 bros chilling in the hot tub 5 feet apart cause there not gay!

  8. Ahri .m. says:

    I just went clothes shopping with my mom… (I don't pay for my own clothes)…

  9. Hey there are you still at the house 🏡 we have some chicken and rice so if you want something else let me know thanks I love you I want to have sex🤩😍😘🤩😘😍🤩😘😍🤩😘😍😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  10. I’m in 7th grade I’m going trough a “all I want is hoodies is phase “😅

  11. 4 BrosGamers says:

    I have a thing to say to minecraft fans…. F#CK Y

  12. Inge Harker says:

    Idc wut I’m wearing. I just wear a hoodie over it anyways. U know wut I wear?

    Sweat pants, a shirt, black shoes, and a black hoodie or light blue grey black jacket. I’m basically wearing the same thing EVERY day 🙂

  13. "There's people saying I'm ugly?"

  14. Icyx Tiger says:

    Yea bryan its ricegum

  15. Is it bad im in 5th grade am i alone TwT w OwO

  16. Game Matt says:

    who is watching this video for more than once wondering why they are watching over and over again its so satisfying in a way

  17. Slime Acc says:

    In Australia Coles is a grocery store

  18. Slime Acc says:

    Five feet apart cause their not gay…

  19. I would pay 100$ to ware a T-shirt that was worn by the oddonesout

  20. On the I love cartoon part you did move your mouth normally then when you usually open your mouth and words come out pls like

  21. Fathiya Ally says:

    we all know aglets from phineas and ferb

  22. Plushy Rushy says:

    If my mom used that parenting tectnique…..I'd be clothesless…

  23. Cute Kitty says:

    My parents buy me clothes does that make me spoiled

  24. give me my poke pants

  25. WaifuplacΣ says:

    I went through all the phases except for brony

  26. Elijah Irwin says:

    My version of cool is dress shirts with the top button buttoned and blue jeans with no holes in the knees.

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