Watchs SALE All about watches Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – One Kiss (Official Video)

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – One Kiss (Official Video)

Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa – One Kiss (Official Video)
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43 thoughts on “Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – One Kiss (Official Video)”

  1. isabela :v says:

    Tashas tashas y perico :v

  2. Sayang Beb says:

    Ini orang indonesia

  3. Dua Lipa ou @BrunaMarquezine 😂

  4. Shawn M says:

    That girl be gorgeous 🤤

  5. jay blake says:

    They play this over and over at my job, i deal poker in a casino and it’s played once every hour lol

  6. Samsapo 32YT says:


  7. When i was younger i never had your typical barbie doll. My mother bought me a beautiful doll with brown hair and unique facial features. When i first saw Dua Lipa i thought she looks just like that doll i had as a child! Dua Lipa is for sure unique, talented and of course a radiant beauty!

  8. Ha Te says:

    Dua lipa can die 😤 shiptar

  9. santi rmr says:

    Tachas y perico :v

  10. YOLANDA LOBO says:

    If u don't get up and dance when this song comes on there's something wrong with u…

  11. Moja kuzynka by oceniła 4/10

  12. Butter Cups says:

    Stop making shitty music please.

  13. Victor GELY says:

    One kiss or new rules ??

  14. Maria Krauze says:

    De like se vc sabe falar português e inglês🌹🌹

  15. Pirate says:

    What did the editor smoke tho??

  16. Jayla Monet says:

    She has clout sun glasses!!!!!!!!!😎

  17. Skinny Pro says:

    Anyone watching this while tripping?

  18. I hated this song… Now I'm obsessed. So weird.

  19. Mady Omar says:

    Great song bad video

  20. marina zg says:

    Why do i keep hearing i look like golum??!

  21. Eu amo essa música! 😍❤🇧🇷

  22. Lime tv says:


  23. semo _196 says:

    العرب موجودين

  24. I really searched up "possibility falling in love with me" after i saw it in an edit from insta lol

  25. Latinoamericanos activos 2019 🇻🇪

  26. Ну она поет нормально а вот фон ужасный лучше поехать куда нужно и снять клип чем плохой фон ставлю 5/10

  27. I like this song and i don't because she performed this song in the the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE final and Madrid f*cking won

  28. TheDuke99 says:

    Calvin Harris going back to his old style. cool

  29. zero minh says:

    Fuking quyến rú

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