Watchs SALE All about watches Can My Salvage Audi R8 Pass Rebuild Inspection with its Cheap Frame Repair?

Can My Salvage Audi R8 Pass Rebuild Inspection with its Cheap Frame Repair?

I took the rebuilt Audi R8 in for it’s inspection. Here’s what happened…

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40 thoughts on “Can My Salvage Audi R8 Pass Rebuild Inspection with its Cheap Frame Repair?”

  1. Shit… Just cannot believe the gas is so cheap over there…in my country, (Chile) it cost almost USD $6.2 per gallon for 93 octanes and USD $7.1 for 95 octanes.

  2. kurt king says:

    I really enjoyed this journey on your salvaged Audi R8. thumbs up and congrats.

  3. Whats the status with the RS?

  4. Kagan ak says:

    Oh hit or miss I guess they neve… Crap I was just kidding

  5. Asention says:

    Sam, there is this thing that surprisingly not a lot of people know. You see when the car gets into a serious wreck where airbags deploy, they change the airbag and clear the codes but the code on the dash still stays. The reason being is that during an accident not only does the airbags deploy but also the seat belt tensioners. Just like airbags, seatbelt tensioners will need to be replaced and 99% of the times the code or light on the dash will disappear on itself without needing to clear them.

  6. Plssss make another rebuild with a car like this!!!

  7. I like how so many people tried to shit on this strut repair. I bet the rest of the car will fall apart before that repair.

  8. itzJKB says:

    $56 TO FILL UP AN R8 !!! My 2.0 Jetta takes £75($95) to fill the tank ! Wish we had american gas prices

  9. wolf Hybrid says:

    Hi the stuff I learned from you and the things i do at my job and things I learned from ya helps

  10. fuck me that same fill in Ireland would be 110 euro. bastards!!

  11. This gas prices in the USA are insane man, cheap as fuck……. here in europe we pay 1.20 E for 1 Liter of diesel or gas. Converted to your currency and measure unit it would be, 4.44 dollars for 1 galon. .. 🙁 If you were to fill that tank up with it's maximum capacity as you did here, you would have been paying 124 dollars

  12. GearHead704 says:

    Congrats on passing! I've enjoyed following this build.

  13. LOL 56$ 😂 in Germany its 180€ to fill up a Panamera 100L tank 👍

  14. OCnStiggs says:

    If you are gonna show off your car, DETAIL UNDER THE HOODS!!! Just sayin'.

  15. 131 Peter says:

    In europe you would pay 140€ for full tank of gas or more.

  16. Mr. GTO says:

    Nothing like having a Florida Rebuild Inspection from a $13.50 / hr employee. I had a Mercedes 550SL inspected after a front end repair and rebuild. It took ONLY 2 minutes

  17. Rod Z says:

    I’d be interested to know what the alignment specs where before and after the repair and secondly, those cars are much sexier in person than photos ever convey.

  18. Eric Lizotte says:

    Launching the car like that on empty isn’t a great thing to do…

  19. wideangle852 says:

    . . zero points to the inspection quality . . a suspension warning light is on the dash and the car had suspension damage and he passed it . . ??

  20. mr house says:

    £43 to fill that r8 in America by would cost £122 in the UK.($155)

  21. Oscar R says:

    Clean title is overrated. Goes to show salvage doesn't always mean junk. Good job in finding diamonds in the rough man, love the videos. Keep up the great work!

  22. Axel Foley says:

    This can be done with many cheaper cars, and which have no damage. Pick em up cheap as fries and replace worn parts or minor dents, all for low cost.

    Well, get to it😊

  23. man, you sure don't seem very confident of your work on the R8 at the begining of the video

  24. IBuRn RuBbEr says:

    $56 for a full tank my 1.4 takes £65!!! Wtf

  25. Wow that's cheap to fill up compared to the UK 🙁

  26. I pass mine with no airbag on the steering wheel

  27. TRIGGER says:

    Hope the pass shuts up the haters on the repair.
    Still I would have taped that suspension light lol.

  28. OMG… your fuel charges in the US are so low!

  29. d3lan011 says:

    I’m down the street from you in SoFlo and this helps a lot.

  30. 4VIPONLY says:

    56 dollars for a full tank of gas, damn..
    in belgium for 20 gallons equivalent to roughly 80 liters, you would pay 120 euro.
    1 liter = +- 1 quart of euro 98 costs 1.50 euro, so damn expensive

  31. John Wh says:

    20.8 gallons, $56. That's about 46 pence (Sterling) a litre. We pay about £1.25 per litre in the UK. You lot don't know you're born! He can run the Audi for the same cost as a shopping car over here.

  32. Amazing rebuild Sam! You definitely know a lot about rebuilding cars. Question: how/where did you learn how to do all these types of things? Really want to learn more about all the different parts of a car.

  33. justin dijk says:

    58 dollar for a full tank on a R8! what a dream!

  34. brotherscro says:

    Damn that amount of fuels here costs 115 dollars :/ (regular)

  35. Darko N says:

    I'm a mechanic, the reason the airbag light goes on and off is a self check that occurs each time you start the car, The cars' ECU or body computer sends a check status signal to the airbag control unit and illuminates the air bag light, the air bag control unit then checks the sensors and airbags if the airbag control unit receives the correct signals from its components it sends an OK signal back to the ECU which then turns off the Air Bag light, if the signal times out because of a communication issue or a fault is recorded the light remains on as the ecu did not receive the OK, if the light does not turn on in the beginning when you turn the ignition on it could be due to anything and it is considered as a fault in the airbag system, The light MUST turn on and after a few seconds it MUST turn off.

    On a side note airbag igniters have a pseudo expiration date they are not expected to ignite after 12 years so while your 12 year old car is passing its own air bag self check its air bags may not deploy. This is due to the chemicals used in the ignition process, they do have an expiration date moisture, oxidation affects them…

    In New Zealand you can certify a car older than 12 years(any age actually) to not require to pass its airbag self check but you must remove the globe in the instrument cluster, remove ALL airbags from the car and deploy them safely outside in a cage. You must then remove all "Airbag" signs from the car even if they are engraved in your dash/steering wheel. You can then go to a vehicle testing station for a airbag removal certificate which gets stamped onto an aluminum plate and riveted into your engine bay.

    The reason certifying a new car with no airbags is allowed is because of the costs, if an accident deployed ANY airbag even from a minor bump in order for the system to be operational again you must replace ALL crash sensors in the car and the Airbag control unit as they are one use each one has a gforce sensor which cannot be re-calibrated once out of bounds it remains that way. And you must replace the airbag which deployed. The car's interior or body panels must nearly be entirely stripped off and the components are expensive usually these costs run as high as the cost of the car if not more.

  36. 0:15 the way the camera suddenly jerked back and you grabbing the wheel freaked me out for a second and made me think your R8 wanted to become a Mustang for a second there

  37. 10:04 is the left side broken too?

  38. Hank Hill says:

    $2.69 a gallon??? That had better not be regular gas…

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