Watchs SALE All about watches Can This GM Cricket Bat Be Repaired?

Can This GM Cricket Bat Be Repaired?

Can this GM cricket bat be repaired?

Find out what goes into our repair and refurbishment processes. Fantail Cricket are the one stop shop for all your cricket bat needs.


Visit to view our full range or pop into our St Johns, Auckland store.

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22 thoughts on “Can This GM Cricket Bat Be Repaired?”

  1. please you can made 1 me

  2. Tech Geek says:

    Oh my god !
    My shopkeeper fooled me.😧

  3. Bruh, I don't even play cricket anymore and haven't held a bat in a long time but I really enjoy watching this videos. There's something about watching quality craftsmanship

  4. I have a that bat . how much

  5. Sandeep90s says:

    How good it feels watching old bat restoring. Most of our bats gone through this but never get such treatment

  6. What's the price of this repair work ?

  7. Bala E says:

    Just love ur revamp videos..!!

  8. its just ATG says:

    Thats amazing and expensive both 😂

  9. When handle rubber changed

  10. Aman Bisht says:

    Which glue you are using

  11. Bhai tu bat ka garage khol le
    Mast chalega

  12. I lived in nz for 17 years,the cost of fixing is same as buying a new GM bat I guess, could be a difference of 100 to $150 for a new one, and a long waiting time too to get it fixed bcoz most of them everyone is busy or short staffed good old story repeated, no matter what we want to repair either car, electrical faulty cable, calling police in an emergency or a cricket bat.

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