Watchs SALE All about watches Canon 7D “cannot communicate with battery” error Online Repair it yourself

Canon 7D “cannot communicate with battery” error Online Repair it yourself

There have been some issues with Canon 7D cameras that give a error message “cannot communicate with battery”. Most people will send their cameras into a repair facility or Canon whom will in turn charge $200- $400 for the repair. This is a 10 min procedure that you can save yourself a bundle and do it yourself. If this video helped you out , show some paypal appreciation to

36 thoughts on “Canon 7D “cannot communicate with battery” error Online Repair it yourself”

  1. Many thanks for your video, I followed you suggestions and finally fixed my 7D.

  2. Gulf Wars says:

    Current used street value of the 7D is a mere 300-350 dollars ! My 7D Just started this failure to communicate with battery !

  3. Thank you so much. I met that problem when i was visiting the Beauval park! Thank to a good friend i could take beautiful pictures but that was not with my 7D! Then, I and my husband watched your contribution… and decided to operate my 7D… it was impossible to me to let my 7D to Canon company a long time… without knowing the origin of the problem and spend much money! The most important problem we met was about how to open it.. In your video, we counted 6 + 2 screws and then we studied how to remove the top… the important thing is not to brake the piece (sorry i am a french people and my english is not very good!). Be quiet, make attention! Near the system of contact with the battery, there is a "L" and a little piece not to brake… we had to push up the piece without brake anything… finally, we succeeded to put the piece out, we saw that the screw was not there…. it was as indicated, in the bottom of the 7D… we could take it with a magnetic object… and now my 7D still works…. My question now….the origin of the problem was due to the luck of screw but why. That screw served to the mass contact? or that screw in the bottom of the 7D was making bad contacts? but in that case, that could'nt be permanent, and that could do destroying things in the 7D, isn't it?

  4. TheGazzadj says:

    Opened up but can't find the missing screw. Bugger.
    Let you know when I have put it bag together and see if it works.

  5. Steve Kirsch says:

    Screw for 7D is XA1-7170-307. Cost is 12 cents.

  6. Jasmi Hamzah says:

    Thanks so much. This tutorial is easy to follow. But most of all, you have taken away my headache when my 7D gave me that “battery communication” error.
    Got it “repaired” in under 10 minutes! (Y)

  7. I was skeptical but was so fed up with the battery running out and not knowing how much power it had I gave it ago and, although it is harder to take off the cover than you make it look, the problem was exactly as you said and i found the screw and replaced it and camera is working fine now, you would think Cannon would reimburse us for this fault, they seem to be very quite about it.

  8. At the start of this video your LCD rear screen was working, mine wasn't.
    I opened it up, yes the screw was missing from the PC board I replaced screwed everything back together and I'm still getting the flashing 'dead' battery icon

  9. Yeah! It really works! Thanks a lot!!!

  10. Josh Haly says:

    will this work for a 6D?

  11. Jose Rosello says:

    Where do I get those screwdrivers?

  12. This was amazingly helpful, I removed the bottom, found the screw, put everything back on and my camera is detecting the battery again! thank you so much!

  13. Ronak Patel says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated. Saved me $200. 🙂

  14. It worked!! Thank you so much for this!

  15. Thanks it works for me, did chance first the CR1616, the big battery was like new, so ?

    The little screw was gone, a firm shake and there was the little devil (Screw) was the name of My Cat!

    I done myself an Donation in the form of an good espresso, and keep You in mind. 😉😆

  16. daniel joly says:

    Thank you so much for your video, great !!!

  17. thank you so much!!! same problem! fixed! great and clear tutorial!!

  18. Great info and it worked for me !! Battery info can be seen again !! Super.
    Many thanks

  19. Thanks a million for this guide! Worked like a charm.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this simple fix with us. It worked on my camera. Got mine secondhand, and I only have batterier that are not original Canon. Thought is was the batteries, when i found your video. Openning the camera following your clear instructions, I found the missing screw. After reinstalling the screw and reassemble the camera, it just works. Now I hope this solves the battery drain problem as well.

  21. Thank you so much. This helped a lot 🤡

  22. lo Hice y me resulto!! saludos y muchas gracias!!! mil gracias!!!!

  23. Lucas says:

    fix my problem, but now i got err 20 🙁

  24. Lucas says:

    fix my problem, but now i got err 20 🙁

  25. Adrian Jaffe says:

    legend, worked like a treat! thanks so much

  26. Having a problem with my 7D mark II would this be the same process???

  27. Gracias!!! Lo he resuelto con su ayuda! Thank´s!!!

  28. Excellent! My 8 year old 7D developed this fault. Tried cleaning the contact and even threw a battery away thinking it was faulty. After resigning myself to the fact that it was going to be an expensive repair, I thought I would have a quick look on YouTube and see if anyone has a DIY fix. Thank you the missing screw was the fault on my 7D MkI too. Carefully recovered the screw and replaced it in the PCB, re-assembled the camera, and MAGIC it is working again. I was a bit concerned as it was wedged against the lower PCB, but fortunately it has not damaged the circuit. Canon should list this on their FAQ even if they advise to take it to a repair shop, as this seems to be a common fault! *** Five Stars for you Blue H2o Cozumel

  29. oskicollado says:

    Thank you very much! my screw wasn't so easy to recover/fish… but I won 😉 problem solved

  30. Wonderful!! Thank's mate!! Just saved my Day! – Just found out I somehow can't PayPal you some Money.

  31. Karin Magera says:

    Dude, you are a genius. Thank you SO MUCH. Worked perfectly in my old 7D

  32. With this problem, does the camera actually say "Cannot communicate with battery" on the screen??

  33. I just did this. THANK YOU GOOD SIR

  34. I think I have the same problem, but I have the t5i. what screwdriver did you end up using?

  35. farooq umer says:

    Not on the camera and blinking empty battery signal when I put the full charged battery what is the problem

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