Watchs SALE All about watches Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 – Career Mode (Episode #1)

Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 – Career Mode (Episode #1)

What is this madness?? Car Mechanic Simulator?! Sounds crazy, right? I start a new career mode and take a look at this fun, interesting, challenging and (some might say) educational game, on my quest to become …. a car mechanic!

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Music used with permission: Machinima Sound

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38 thoughts on “Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 – Career Mode (Episode #1)”

  1. Little does he know that this video has 2,000,000 views

  2. Wispy Haseeb says:

    Dang, I think you have to remove everything apart for the green van.

  3. Dear Mr. Squirrel. Thank you for a nice and entertaining video review, even though it was some time back since you posted it. I have to say that you are very funny and very good in your reviews as I see you as my Nr. 1 Reviewer over all.

    Take care and God Bless You.

    Best Regards, Bengt "Wolf" Johansson.

  4. Rz 2000 says:

    2M views!?!? Good work boi

  5. siick 13 says:

    spanner to do wheels up lol

  6. bob brown says:

    i played 2014 and then the 2015 demo and i think get the 2015 cause the controls are way better and it is more relaxed

  7. andy roos says:

    I can't get it started (the game)

  8. GTA 5 player says:

    omg u posted this on January 29 my bday is January 29

  9. GamerOMG OMG says:

    amazing squirrel cool vids.Right?

  10. KryptoniteYT says:

    jesus squirrel how did you find the air filter so fast it took me an hour to find the air filter

  11. WTF $300 for an scan? Auto zone does that for free.

  12. Hygee says:

    what computer do you use

  13. dude ive watched ypu for ages i thougt your family frendly

  14. sub in 4 hours or I unsub

  15. don't want you to know what

  16. sorry for not replying is good too thanks everyone

  17. you know that the other one was there for W you are a lot more to eat with me and I will have to be with me and my family and friends who were in the world and the kids are so cute and funny at the question mark on your way to get the job is

  18. What he said the locking some is the car shifting

  19. That van doesn't look like humpty dumpty

  20. bro nice nod to electric six gay bar… lol I see what you did there

  21. Raaance Lot says:

    Squirrel, you did a great job on this video. I've watched a few and never made it through the videos cause they did not peak my interest. With this video and all the rest you've made, you make them very fun and humorous to watch. Keep up the good work. I definitely look forward to watch vids from you!

  22. tray XML says:

    it was the gear changing man!

  23. I take it you have never changed a car wheel in real life? You are doing it wrong.

  24. Kyaire Curry says:

    bruh lift the car to fix the green van

  25. I've got a car that dose the same sadly😢

  26. Robin Kok says:

    Why is that guy in the game swaying so much? Is he a drunk mechanic?

  27. My dad is legely blind and he is mechanic and they do lose bolts🔩

  28. Ivan Hooper says:

    Subscribed. Have a great day, man!

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