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Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 / CMS 2014

Car Mechanic Simulator 2014
Car Mechanic 2015:

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43 thoughts on “Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 / CMS 2014”

  1. EakcoTV says:

    Where is the Beer button?  

  2. karglard says:

    Great game – for those who want to play „in move” there’s also Mobile version of CMS on and Check also Truck Fix 😉

  3. ArtExtreme says:

    Uh oh! Lug nuts were tightened in the wrong order. Lol

  4. Alex Tache says:

    this game reminds me of an oldie I used to play… similar to this one, customers came in with cars for me to repair and such, and in the later rounds to tune them… some would have crazy requests like mounting jet engines on the vehicle xD

  5. Sjwaria Law says:

    What a great game!
    Congrats, seems lots of fun.

  6. Muin Zakaria says:

    i wish a new Street Legal Racing game released with this features

  7. Turk says:

    Now if you could build and customize to your own specs a car to then race with other mechnic/drivers then you'd have 1 hell of a game.
    Being able to tweak every aspect even to the point of fabricating your own parts or salvaging from other vehicles when money is tight, then win races and buy better parts with the obvious concerns of parts wearing out or breaking then having to fix them, constantly looking after your vehicle as you race it.

    Dame instant top seller. Though it'd have to be at least as in depth as Snap Ons – Gearhead Garage where you can reduce the car to at least rolling stock.

    Taking need for speed carbon to the next logical level and some as you are literally building your own car with each and every part having its own stats. (weight, metal strength as well as the obvious handling/speed benefits/losses etc etc) rather than just clicking on engine type 1,2, 3 or braking 1,2,3 or tyres 1, etc (as NFS) and so on you literally build & dismantle, fix & replace worn or broken parts all from the nuts n bolts upward.

    You guys could make a track version for the tourers, a street version, a 4×4 for the rock climbers and a rally version – you'd be raking in the cash.

    Of course you'd have to up the complexity another notch but what a game that'd be.

    You can have this idea for free just remember to throw me a bone when you're all rich. xD

  8. Not even close to real life.. Not the game to but if u wanna learn

  9. So un realistic.. Thats not even how brakes come off u retards

  10. RLS0812 says:

    I wish it was this easy in real life !

  11. Martijn Who? says:

    Thank you for uploading, just got the game on steam 🙂

  12. kriswawa76 says:

    Full game info :  www   car.playway    com

  13. Jack Isaacs says:

    when will the full version be out

  14. nurev187 says:

    Do they teach you how to remove stuck bolts in this game? LMAO

  15. Pf1989 says:

    seems awesome, I've been waiting for something like Gearhead Garage for SO long, this surely looks like a game to buy 🙂

  16. Vostok98 says:

    Awesome! I will buy! 

  17. tommiy2 says:

    what a pointless game 😀 fun for the kids maybe? Kids, don't build your cars like in this game in future 🙂 I would be terrified to drive a car assembled like this..

  18. rehman akram says:

    I WISH tightening and Losing Bolts and taking Parts were just like in this game Looool but trust they are not easy as it looks ? Like it if you AGREE 

  19. toudi5 says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  20. is it from that german company that releases all those dumb simulator games.. its unfortunate because some of them were great idea for games but the games are so fucking bad.. its like those valusoft games..

  21. ET13A says:

    Super!! amazing!! My money waiting this game!!!

  22. bl4mbl4m says:

    Yep definitely a game that has no resemblance to actually fixing a car properly. I'd hate to see how many kids go guns blazing fixing their car in this manner…I predict many deaths to come. But nice idea anyways.

  23. chris mayo says:

    You obiously have never worked on a car before

  24. S abd says:

    Now you can see how Kwik Fit UK rip everyone off!

  25. ThePlayWay says:

    Hi, we work hard now on release of game : Steam Q1 2014.  I hope it will be in January.  Then will be DEMO published ( not fake from internet ) . 
    After release we will develop many not payed DLC . We will also hear your voices to make patches. Thanks for all good words !

  26. steven lang says:

    great instructional tool – It would be great if changing the breaks that pads came off with the caliper. I would also be great to have a real tire wrench or a air gun to take the nuts off – I would think just clickng on each nut would get boring after a while.
    This would be a great demonstration tool to show high level repair involvement.
    good luck on the development of this game!

  27. SlONic says:

    Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 + BeamNG Drive + Spin Tires 2013 + cryeingine + outerra = BEST GAME

  28. I don't get it. What's the pay-off? Can you fail? Does the game tell you how well you did whatever you're supposed to do? I really don't get it. At least if I play a bus driving simulator, for example, it sets up a goal for me and tells me how well I accomplished it.

  29. kriswawa76 says:

    We will inform about RELEASE DATE soon!


  31. smaK - says:

    GOOD WORK PlayWay !!!!!!!!! Great game !!!!!   P.S: Make demo pleaseeee

  32. SinPistones says:

    Not trying to be negative, but this looks like a non-sucky version of snap-on's monster garage. That was barely a game.

  33. foxtrot789 says:

    This is like the garage portion of a racing game – just generic bolts placed randomly.  You didnt even (have to) jack the car up to take the wheel off.  Lame.

  34. RiseOfMusic says:

    when is it comming out? Is it 11/12/13 Or 26/11/13?

  35. Shho13 says:

    Is this a joke? I wish working on cars was this easy… 

  36. carl gaskell says:


    this game wont teach you shit about cars lol

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