Watchs SALE All about watches Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Official Gameplay Trailer

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Official Gameplay Trailer
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Official Gameplay Trailer

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31 thoughts on “Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Official Gameplay Trailer”

  1. joder es que esta cancion es el meme maximo xD esta tododo saturado el auido jajaja

  2. kanjo says:

    Yeah safe to say theres been some false advertising, they said Q4 2017 for console. We are now in March 2018 and no news at all.

  3. kanjo says:

    We are in Q4 and still no news on console releases. At least give us some news.

  4. RedRum says:


  5. Wyatt P. says:

    Its december can it come out for consoles already or are yall gonna delay that too

  6. When do we get this on Xbox and ps4 you guys said Q4 but here it is December and nothing

  7. G R O M says:

    что за песня

  8. When is it coming to ps4 an xbox an will it be in stores for sale

  9. Gaavtseh says:

    0:22 comming today (tuning)

  10. Wesley C says:

    I'm so excited for xb1, I would try this game.

  11. Wesley C says:

    That smoke smells like whoppers in the afternoon.

  12. Pixel 8 says:

    what is the music i wannnnnnnt it XD

  13. Edu 371 says:

    when you leave for mobile ?

  14. Edu 371 says:

    Quando sai para mobile ?

  15. Can't wait till it comes to console!!!

  16. rue1010 says:

    Is this game on target to be release on console???

  17. Nukem950 says:

    Just realize that as of the posting of this comments that the following is true:
    You cant use dynamo.
    There are no tuning parts, meaning that 2 of those stores do not currently exist.

    "We never lied, we never promised any content which is not in present version of the game. We are really shocked by those accusation.
    If some promo materials suggest something that could be interpret in some way – we don't made this on purpose, but if that happend – we apologize for that."
    — PW_DEV (Official developer on the steam forums for this game.)

  18. Zelatur says:

    1.Back seat cant be changed into different color.
    2.Tuning (parts, computer tuning, suspension height, wheel camber/angle, windows tint, exhausts)
    3.Manual Dyno (results wouldnt be automatic like in cms2015, let us drive, press gas, clutch, change gears to get the best results)
    4.Let us rev the engine inside the garage, maybe even play with lights (tunable light color)
    5.Better optimization (laptop i7 + 980m = 30-50fps on medium….)
    6.Better engine sound.

  19. the race don't work, the dyno don't work, im in lvl 50 wtfk dudes?

  20. It not out on Xbox one

  21. Ryk Man says:

    Studio PlayWay tworzy bardzo fajne gry wiec licze na to ze w przyszlosci stworza symulatora naprawiania maszyn budowlanych z marek jcb volvo i cat mam namysli koparko ladowarki koparki gasienicowe i ladowarki

  22. Ryk Man says:

    Fajnie gdyby do car mechanic simulator 2018 dodali ferrari 458 italia lamborghini aventador forda mustanga porshe 911 audi r8 i rs7 i bmw m4

  23. Tuning Shop clearing being advertised as in the game but not.


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