Watchs SALE All about watches Car Mechanic Simulator – Restoration Garage 1 – Spectre Fastback

Car Mechanic Simulator – Restoration Garage 1 – Spectre Fastback

Join me in Car Mechanic Simulator as I restore classic Salem Spactre Fastback!

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37 thoughts on “Car Mechanic Simulator – Restoration Garage 1 – Spectre Fastback”

  1. would watch you do the cobra and the rx7 not so sure if ide watch the crown vic tho idk im friends with my local law enforcment buut theres cars arnt really a big whoop to me lol pun intended now if you found a bearcat ide watch the shit out of that like lmao a bearcat

  2. Hey Buggs!!! Been watching you on Jeff's channel. Subscribed to yours today. Loved the episode, please do more like this. Could watch all day!!!! Damn having to work!

  3. Sully Baker says:

    Great vid! You should definitely do the crown Vic.

  4. Mike still says:

    I just wish you would have added like stripes or something to the paint just a little bit of something

  5. That color turns a perfectly good 67 mustang

  6. OHV stands for overhead valve 😁

  7. someone buy me this lol

  8. go to a farm and buy a busted atv or dirtbike farmers will usually sell them cheap and get em restored, thats how u start fixing vehicles.

  9. anyone know how to get this game on a hp chrome book


  11. PuddyCat says:

    That colour is disgusting.

  12. Keep making these videos

  13. Alvaro Perez says:

    Terrible taste but I like the video though

  14. Dark Perry says:

    omg….your lack of car knowledge is fascinating…keep up the good work…<thumbs up>

  15. russ hibbs says:

    Well, you just made me buy this Bugs. I was thinking hard about it but seeing it played made my decision.

  16. I Wonder if The flywhell fly

  17. They should really update the mobile version. Even if they charged $5-$10 for the game and $10 per expansion, I’d still buy it as long as it was good. The version on mobile now is boring..

  18. Austin Dyal says:

    Look like a good game

  19. there is a bugatti in the junk yard

  20. Jason Arick says:

    By the way did you use a performance fuel pump? I don't know really if it will make a difference

  21. Jason Arick says:

    I restored my mustang Fatback lol

  22. I really loved the video man thats one of my favorite cars is the mustang fastback and i really wish i could play this game on the console just dont have the extra money to get it

  23. Hillbilly jr says:

    Plz read this bugg I know I am late if you could plz find a camero in the game because right now I am putting a v8 in a 1989 camero and i would like to see it in a game if they have one thanks

  24. Jayce Harris says:

    I would've chosen original 64 ans a half red with black accents

  25. Robin Edens says:

    Can you drive the cars after you get done with it

  26. RageDmo 25 says:

    I love it keep this going

  27. And it has the option to paint factory

  28. When you were in the paint shop you didn't paint it factory because it's supposed to be a darker green I've had one

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