Watchs SALE All about watches Car Mechanic Simulator – Restoration Garage 2 – Ford Crown Victoria

Car Mechanic Simulator – Restoration Garage 2 – Ford Crown Victoria

Join me in Car Mechanic Simulator as I restore a Ford Crown Victoria!

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43 thoughts on “Car Mechanic Simulator – Restoration Garage 2 – Ford Crown Victoria”

  1. 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R 34

  2. Love seeing this game from you

  3. Is this game available for playstation??

  4. Levi Strouse says:

    I need a g a Nissan Skyline

  5. Why do people like this ordinary turd? (The car)

  6. Gary Pryor says:

    Great video. Do you have trouble with freezing by any chance?

  7. Whoop whoop it’s the sound of tha police

  8. Yes I subscribed and like

  9. Jayce Harris says:

    1:58 i'm gonna say skyline or supra

  10. Jayce Harris says:

    The ad i saw before the vid was so cool can't for it it's called the hate you give can't wait

  11. It's a R34 Skyline if u didn't know then you need to start learning your cars

  12. Haven Planas says:

    The dealership spawns them

  13. Shane Burton says:

    Definitely Yes on the R34

  14. I see crown Victoria, I click. Simple concept

  15. Its a Nissan skyline gt-r r34

  16. You should do a police car

  17. I bet most non car guys said OMG THATS A NISSAN R35!

  18. Car looks awesome when finished.

  19. My dad is a real mechanic.

  20. Kentkenny says:

    just make it police interceptor

  21. Slayer John says:

    Funny thing. That is a DOHC engine. The CV's never got those engines. The CVPI runs the 4.6 Modular SOHC engine. Though Ford did make a variant that ran the DOHC. Mercury Marauder was it's name. Very rare car as it was a limited production. Hard to tell the difference if is a Gran Marquis or the Marauder. But based on the fact the game has the DOHC engine, you would have something similar to specs of that car more than a retired CVPI. The Marauder made 302 HP with 318 ft lbs of torque.

  22. They give you three lift areas and you can only work on one car at a Maybe have a DLC update where you can have workers working on cars that don't give you anything.. you know just AI candy.

  23. Love this game.. just got it. Working up the grind.

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