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Car Repair Rip-Offs

Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen goes undercover with AutoMD to see if auto mechanics are taking their customers for a ride.

21 thoughts on “Car Repair Rip-Offs”

  1. I always enjoy watching these because I do the work myself and it's nice to see how much it saves me

  2. Steph Steph says:

    Midas.. The name you CAN'T trust!!Midas is a horrible place. I took my vehicle to a Midas in Syracuse/camillus New York… They damanaged my band new car after doing an oil change. I have scratch marks for my bumper underneath going up with yellow paint. They never told me they damaged it. When I brought it to there attention the office manager dennis told me they only have yellow balloons in their shop! When I pointed out they have yellow Forks on your lifts.. they denied it completely without even looking at my vehicle. I called corporate and made a complaint however because this is a franchise and corporate can only do so much. It is up to the franchise to handle any issues. I was put in contact by corporate with a district general manager rich. He told me to talk to the assistant store manager josh who told me they would take care of it and offered to fix what he can at the midas shop however he couldn't touch up the paint or I can go down to their shop who can fix my car completely. I went to midas's repair shop got an estimate just as discussed and for two weeks Midas stated they were going to take care of my car and pay the shop completely. When Midas actually got the invoice from the repair shop that's when they stated they weren't going to pay anything. I called customer service he filed another complaint and was told unless I have actual video of them damaging my car there is nothing that customer service can make the franchise do per their contract. A few days later I was told by the district manager that as a courtesy they will cover 50% of the invoice of only their shop if I were to go to a different shop they may not even cover 50%. They're only covering 50% of the invoice to keep me as a loyal customer since I've been going to them for over 10 years. I was also told that I should be grateful that they're paying any of the bill because it's my word against their word and they don't even have to do anything. The general manager went on and stated that I'm the one who has to provide the proof and they're not willing to look at any of the footage any of the cameras listen to any of the phone calls they were made. After Midas told me that they would only cover 50% of the bill it was 25 days later by that time it was too late for the cops to get involved because Midas negotiated prices with me and it becomes a civil matter. it is also too late for the cops to pull the video from they're building. I am going through my insurance pay for my deductible and hoping that I can get some of my money back. I feel I was taking advantage of from the very beginning and they strung me along because they knew if they waited long enough I would be at their Mercy. also if I was an older man and not a young woman when I brought my car in initially they would not have even talked about yellow balloons. Also the assistant store manager Josh denies ever telling me that they were going to fix my car completely. they lied to me from the very beginning and continue to lie and change their story making up excuses how I could have gotten yellow paint on my vehicle that starts from under my bumper… After supporting this Midas for over 10 years I would not trust them. I cannot believe for going here so long that this even happened. I trusted they would have done the right thing and stuck to their word. They lied to me and also the assistant manager lied to me stating he was going to fix the repairs the whole entire time. Midas is a name you cannot trust!!! I know that I am not the first person nor will I be the last person however this company should not be allowed to treat people like this and more people need to be aware of what kind of company they are supporting when they go to a place like Midas. Ps.. The day I dropped my car off for an oil change it was customer appreciation day.

  3. Jason Boyes says:

    In America do they not have a yearly check.

  4. Cody Overbay says:

    Yea you need new muffler bearings, and exhaust fluid refill.

  5. TU nguyen says:

    bullshit 180$ break pads price it should be 90$ for 4 tires stupid women

  6. Dominic J says:

    I’m pretty sure those hunk of jokes could of used coolant flushes , fuel filter and the other maint that was recommended . It’s recommended as maint not something that is broke or at the end of its useful life ! That’s not ripping people off

  7. You should unblur the mechanic bc if someone lives there they won't know which mechanic place it is

  8. Some of the services, like at the dealer, are based on mileage. There is no system that will pull up your service history from different shops so they go on the assumption it wasn't done. When I was a service advisor I would explain the reason it's recommended and tell them to check their records to see of it was done elsewhere.

  9. 'Honest mechanic' is an oxymoron.

  10. Eddie Milton says:

    Omg this video is ridiculous. $160 is a good price for a brake job, if you get the pads from autozone or orielly. Those pads are GARBAGE and make a ton of noise. Dealer parts are much better and don’t make noise, which is why they cost more. Some of GMs brake pads cost $120 JUST FOR THE PADS. That’s not including labor. You can go to these mom and pop shops and they’ll put the $20 autozone pads and just slap them on there. But they aren’t going to resurface the rotors, which needs to get done. That’s how you have better braking power and smoother braking. It also prolongs the life of the rotor. If you don’t do it, the rotors warp quicker and you have to replace the rotors. You pay more at the dealer because you’re getting what you pay for, a quality job with quality parts. As far as the flushes, they are not required, but they sure as hell are recommended. Coolant is 50% water and 50% ethylene glycol. The glycol breaks down over time and becomes more water. Water rusts. Rust inside your radiator and engine ARE A BAD THING. Brake fluid can get dirty and burn over time and can gunk up the piston in your brake caliper. Then you have to replace the caliper. If you flush out the brake fluid often, you won’t have to replace expensive parts. Injector services are great. They help clean the pistons and a little bit of the injectors. It cleans out the throttle body and helps the motor run better. Just because things aren’t written in the owners manual doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. You’re ignorant and don’t know shit about cars. We do. That’s what we do for a living. You don’t question your doctor or dentist when you go and they tell you that you need this and that and blah blah blah. You don’t tell a plumber or electrician that whatever they recommend to you isn’t necessary. Granted there are a few shops that rip you off, but not everyone. If you don’t like a certain shop, go to another one until you find one you like, just like with anything else you would.

  11. I remember dealership wants to charge me $70 just replace the air filter.

  12. Your oil filter cap has to replace we will charge you $250

  13. You shouldn’t have to be more educated…you’re paying them to do an honest job and be honest people.

  14. jaue82 says:

    Wanna reall crap your pants. Parts are only $40. A few things you can do not to get ripped off. First, have a penis. Doh

  15. Do Bo says:

    So why not expose the honest mechanics and give everyone their info. They deserve more business which takes away busioness from scammers

  16. I really don’t like the negotiation recommendation because I’m an honest contractor and am giving the customer the best price right off the bat. I don’t play games and don’t want my customers to do so either. The guys who negotiate are the ones that you need to worry about .

  17. Bill Drift says:

    CBS, you make me sick! I didn't see anything wrong in the video other than the way you at CBS conduct your business… but wait… that wouldn't be fair of me to conclude unless I worked in the industry and understood how things work before making conclusions, right? These people bust their humps every day so you and your families get around safely! Looking at the video you don't value them or their time by the way you conduct yourselves in the video! They probably spent an hour giving the vehicle a thorough vehicle inspection, needed repair Diagnostics for a accurate repair and guaranteeing the work plus accepting the liability that comes with it!

  18. Pyroman / says:

    A good idea to pick up a scope machine for looking up error codes you can get cheap ones online for like under 100$ then you can check codes before you go to the mechanic. . It also pays for itself on after do ig one scan yourself. .. or just go to like chain part shop they do scans for free rather than paying like 100to150 for a shop to do a scan I like having my own cause if it won't start then you can scan it right than and look up the codes and it may be just a computer chip you can fix yourself in 10 mins by watching a how to video so many people can do regular service work to there cars save alot of money

  19. Pyroman / says:

    Read your owners manual to see when things like tyranny flushes are recommended also check for oil changes alot of newr cars are alot longer then cars from 10 years and back but shops will tell you sooner then u need

  20. WE ALWAYS gave an estimate in writing upfront, then the final price was set at 10-20% below the estimate and ALL PARTS changed we offered for inspection of the car owner and they were welcome to take them with them unless there was a core charge, then we advised them of that. Our lot was full constantly because of bad faith garages pulling this BS.

    ** If you take your car in for repairs, advise the shop upfront you will be taking the parts with you that come off the car, this will make dirty shops think twice***

  21. Naz tubes says:

    I would hate to be a woman walking in to a garage. They are 90% more likely to get taken for a ride.

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