Watchs SALE All about watches Cardi B & Bruno Mars – Please Me (Official Audio)

Cardi B & Bruno Mars – Please Me (Official Audio)

Cardi B & Bruno Mars – Please Me (Official Audio)

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43 thoughts on “Cardi B & Bruno Mars – Please Me (Official Audio)”

  1. Sooo obviously they have to continue collating together!! Both of their vocals together is perfect

  2. ù_ú says:

    I think I’m pregnant now 😎😎

  3. Kthl Ndn says:

    1:001:10 that was so amazing cardi b sings woooooow and that part is my favorite and rap part too

  4. Camila Ojeda says:

    The most unpleasant and disgusting thing that my ears have heard in the history of pop, reacts and protests why it does not deserve to be named as a song

  5. He really tryna be daddy

  6. He really tryna be daddy

  7. Arii Arii says:

    They make a good duo

  8. Les Spence says:

    There the best couple

  9. ms red832 says:

    I'm in love with this song♡

  10. King and Queen love this 😩😩😍😍

  11. This gotta be my 300th time listening to it this passed 2 months

  12. I don't care what they say about Cardi, I'm in Love with this song. They did this one and that's what it's really about, The Music.

  13. How love this song like this😍😍

  14. everytime this song come up my niece start singing

  15. I love you, I love this song

  16. Calipy Perez says:

    You and cardi b should be a married couple

  17. Cardi b and nicki sing and rap about thier pussy too much

  18. JETTY WETTY says:


  19. Lynx says:

    I showed this to Stan Lee,

    Thats why he died

  20. キムラ。 says:


  21. Sugar babies theme song

  22. Bruno mars i like your song please me i losten to it a thousond. Times

  23. Just got done and I’m going out to my parents house

  24. I'm officially addicted to this…listen to it every day multiple times during my lunch time..Bruno's sex appeal….LORDT!

  25. Asi Bogz says:

    Nice, thanks for it. I'd add one more app which is for downloading videos or musics. YouRMusic if somebody interested, please check it out on my channel

  26. The one cardi B song I like, the dirtiest song I love, the more relaxing song ever…

  27. Tony R says:

    Showed this song to my younger sister now she my older sister.

  28. I love you and continue

  29. Who’s wondering……..

    What will their next video be like😬😰🤫

  30. This song harder than bread at Walmart

  31. Rocio Torres says:

    Cardi And Bruno This Is How. 👇 Much People Like Yawww

  32. em luu says:

    Did cardi b break up with that rapper guy or something..

  33. nobody:
    Cardi B in the back round: Yesss 2:55

  34. .מי ישראלי שיעשה ליייק

  35. Red Cup Approval Tune!

  36. joredyn kama says:


  37. Delah Deah says:

    2:27 he took my virginity

  38. Mel Galeai says:

    Love this song. I ship you both😁😁😆

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